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Sidelights: Woman ‘drives’ Sudanese mad
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Dec 21, 2008 - 5:17:35 PM

Sidelights: Woman ‘drives’ Sudanese mad
Arab News

RIYADH: A Sudanese man, whose car was hit by a speeding car coming from the wrong direction, was in for a shock, not from any injury but by the fact that the driver of the erring vehicle was a pretty girl. The man was on his way to Friday prayers in Sulaimaniyah district, Al-Riyadh daily reported yesterday. First he thought he had an optical illusion. “I have never seen a woman driving in the Kingdom let alone a woman ramming her car into mine,” the startled man said. He said that he was overcome by pity for the young girl who was injured in her adventure. Police, who were chasing her, and the Red Crescent took her to a nearby hospital. The Saudi law does not allow women to drive.

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