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President Bashir and his Eritrean counterpart underline keenness to achieve peace in the Sudan
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Nov 14, 2008 - 6:19:07 AM

President Bashir and his Eritrean counterpart underline keenness to achieve peace in the Sudan


Khartoum, Nov 14 (SUNA) - President of the Republic Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir and President Asias Afewerki have underlined their keenness for realization of peace in the Sudan and for pushing forward efforts aimed to find a peaceful solution to the question of Darfur, saying at a joint press conference they held at the end of the official visit of Afewerki to the Sudan that the visit was a strategic and excellent in the various spheres it covered. The President of the Republic has expressed satisfaction over the outcome of the visit of President Afewerki to the country and his participation in the Sudan National Forum stressing that the Sudanese Eritrean relations were deep rooted in the popular soil before being an official relations ship and that the peoples in the two countries have been working together without any barriers. President Al Bashir has described relations between the Sudan and Eritrea as excellent and that they witness betterment each and every day. He said the visit of President Afewerki to the Sudan comes within the context of the visits between officials in the two countries to exchange views and consultation on how to impetus relations to the levels desired by the two sides. He commended the role -played by President Afewerki and his supervision of the Eastern Sudan peace talks until they were crowned with success. On the rejection of the ceasefire by some Darfur rebel movements, the President said we would normalize with those who accept the ceasefire and that efforts will continue to convince the others to join the peace process. The President has pointed out that the Sudanese council of minister and the National assembly have both decided that the Sudan would not deal with the ICC and that it has no jurisdiction over the Sudan President Afewerki has meanwhile said his country would remain a partner of the Sudan until peace, stability and development have been achieved in the country. He said his country is affected with any development in the Sudan more than any other country in the region because of the strategic, geographical, cultural and social considerations between the two countries. President Afewerki said his participation in the Sudan People Forum was a good opportunity to exchange views and that it turned a new age for political cooperation with the Sudanese political forces. He commended the efforts realized expressing hope for the success of the outcome of the forum. He also said he was concerned with the peace process in the Sudan and that the peaceful solution should be comprehensive and inclusive. MA/MA

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