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President Affirms Sudan's Rejection to Deal with ICC
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Dec 21, 2008 - 5:20:51 PM

President Affirms Sudan's Rejection to Deal with ICC
Posted on Saturday, December 20 @ 08:12:37 GMT by admin

Khartoum-Al Sammani Awadallah

President Al Bashir pledged not to hand over any Sudanese national to the International Criminal Court, pointing out that provision of services to citizens was motivated by the state's responsibility towards its citizens rather than as a form of political haggling or a drive to win the coming elections.

During his two-day visit to Sennar State, Al Bashir inaugurated a number of service installations and addressed several popular gatherings in the different towns of the State. He moreover heralded the launching of a 700-fedan new agricultural project in the State, in addition to a 50-MW power plant from the conveyor line to Gedarif and three technological colleges affiliated to Sennar University.


President Al Bashir avowed the government's determination to halt migration from rural areas to towns and the national capital through repatriation of the various services in rural areas, indicating that for over 500 years Sennar state has represented a model for co-existence among tribes, citing the accord that had existed between Amara Dungus and the Funj. He said his visit to the State came for the purpose of taking note of requirements of the State's population and gauging their allegiance to the Salvation program.


He further stressed the government's concern with resolving the water problem within the agricultural revival strategy, underscoring the role of youth in urbanization activities the resources that abound in the State.


He also issued directives for the construction of Sinja-Touri-Was-al-Neel road to link production cites, avail transportation and avail mobile veterinary units and water services for citizens.


Al Bashir advised the populace to disregard the calls of those who seek to disrupt stability and disseminate sedition among the people, underpinning the need to resume the spirit of co-existence, tolerance and accord among the population.


The President of the Republic inaugurated Abu-Grood Dam, with a storage capacity of 700,000 cubic meters and a cost of 7 million pounds, Al-Mazmoum water project, at a cost of $17 million and received a pledge of allegiance from the Rufa'a, Kawhla and Shabarqa tribes. He had also inaugurated the country's celebrations of the harvest day and addressed popular gatherings in Al-Dali, Al-Mazmoum, Sinja, Sennar and Al-Sabil in Sennar rural suburbs. 

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