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Ministry of Labour affirms concern with disabled people
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Dec 2, 2008 - 5:56:29 AM

Ministry of Labour affirms concern with disabled people


Khartoum, Dec. 1 (SUNA) - Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resources Development Alison Manani Magaya has affirmed the government's concern with the disabled people in order to do their role in the society. This came when the Minister was addressing a workshop organized here Monday by the Advisory Council on Human Rights in collaboration with the UN mission in Sudan under the theme of "for the employment of disabled people". In this regard, the Minister affirmed that Sudan is working to implement article 24 of the Civil Service Act of the year 2007, stipulating allocation of no less than 2% of the posts and vacancies for the disabled sector, revealing that some government offices have surpassed this percentage. Magaya further said his Ministry is working at the international level with regard to the disabled people's supporting programme, adding that they are discussing with the private sector to allocate employment opportunities for the disabled people. Meanwhile, the Rapporteur of the Advisory Council for Human Rights, Dr. Abdul-Moneim Osman Mohamed Taha, said disability is an international issue and rights asserted and stipulated by many constitutions and charters, especially in education. He explained that some states, namely White Nile, Nahral-Nil and Northern States, give much care to the disabled people. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahmi, from the Human Rights Unit at the UN, affirmed that protection of the disabled people is the responsibility of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities. MF/BT

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