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Minister of Finance Belittled Impacts of International Financial Crisis on Sudan
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Nov 27, 2008 - 6:45:49 AM

Minister of Finance Belittled Impacts of International Financial Crisis on Sudan


Khartoum, Nov. 26 (SUNA) - The Minister of Finance, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, has belittled the impacts of the international financial crisis on Sudan, indicating that has got accustomed to the western blockade and looked for a foreign currency other than the US dollar. At the regular news forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Tuesday, Dr. Al-Jaz said that Sudan has was able to get out of the scope of being directly affected of the international financial crisis, adding that this situation does not mean that Sudan is isolated from the world. He said that the prices of the Sudanese cereals in Sudan are affected the increase and decrease of the international prices concerning the exportation and importation on ground that Sudan is an oil exporter, referring to the decrease of oil barrel price from 150 dollars to 40 dollars under the current financial crisis. Dr. Al-Jaz said that the current financial crisis was preceded by a food crisis, indicating that Sudan is exposing itself as a geographical area that can provide food. He said that Sudan looks forward to be a station of investment, adding that this goal can only be achieved through persistent and fruitful work so that the Sudanese export can be capable for competition at the international markets. The minister referred to the successful Sudanese experiment in the field of economy which is based the participation and other Islamic formulas, adding that Sudan is inviting the world to benefit from its experiment that can be developed. Dr. Al-Jaz reiterated Sudan welcome for investment in different fields. He affirmed the state commitment to all the requirements for implementation of the peace agreements. He added that the state was keen to make all sectors participate in the preparation of the general budget for the year 2009. MO/MO

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