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Kenya and Sudan sign co-operatives deal
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Nov 5, 2008 - 6:43:38 AM

Kenya and Sudan sign co-operatives deal

Written By:KNA   , Posted: Wed, Nov 05, 2008

Kenya and Sudan have signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at promoting the growth of the cooperative movement in Southern Sudan.

In the Kenya is offering to spearhead capacity building for technical officers in the Sudan's cooperative movement as well as facilitating safe passage of the officers from the country during their training.

The memorandum signed by the two countries' cooperative ministers Joseph Nyaga of Kenya and Sudan's Philip Yona Jambi also committed Kenya to facilitate the training at the Kenya Co-operative College on mutual agreement.

The deal signed at the office of the minister was witnessed by among others Sudan's Under Secretary Bortel Mori Nyombe and the country's Director General for Co-operatives Abdon Ayuen Kuol.

Nyagah said the deliberations ahead of the official signing of the deal had captured salient points that would move the sector in the two countries towards realization of economic and social development.

He said the movement continued to play a key role in the economic growth of most of the developing countries and urged the Sudanese Government to take the venture seriously for the sake of their country's prosperity.

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