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Gen. Mutwale commends Sudan
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Nov 4, 2008 - 11:08:26 AM

Gen. Mutwale commends Sudan
Deputy Army Commander, Eliad Mutwale has commended Sudan Security Forces for the co-operation rendered to Zambian troops deployed on a United Nations Peace Mission in Sudan (UNMIS).

General Mutwale, who is also Chief of Staff, was speaking in Abyei Sudan when he called on the joint integrated Unit Commander, Colonel Tokmac Valentino.

The Deputy Army Commander was in Sudan to check on the Zambian contingent on peace keeping mission in that country.

General Mutwale said Zambian troops have enjoyed good relations and co-operation with the joint integrated Unit,

And addressing Zambian troops, General Mutwale urged the soldiers to ensure the UNMIS mandate is achieved.

And Colonel Valebtino said the Zambian troops are settling down well.

He is hopeful that peace will soon prevail in Abyei due the help from the Zambian troops.

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