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Dr. Khalil of JEM Congratulates President- Elect Obama
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Nov 7, 2008 - 7:49:58 PM

Dr. Khalil of JEM Congratulates President- Elect Obama


At this moment of triumph and ascension to the highest post in the country that leads the world of today, Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, the Chairperson of the Justice & Equality Movement Sudan (JEM), congratulates president- elect Barack Obama for his historic victory. By the election of Mr. Obama to the White House, USA has proved once again to be a great democracy and a real source of inspiration for other nations. The wave of change that brought Mr. Obama to the Oval Office will not and must not end up there. The whole world is longing to breathe that change and share the USA its joy.

While JEM heartily congratulates the president-elect of the USA for his unprecedented achievement, it asks him not to forget the plight of the people of Darfur, in particular those IDPs and refugees who have been condemned to live in “Concentration Camps” for so long. He shall remember that law and justice are the greatest deterrents to future genocides and man-made miseries.

The Movement seeks this benign opportunity to reiterate its commitment to a peaceful settlement that delivers our people their rights and undo the injustices that they have endured for decades.


Ahmed Hussain Adam

Spokesperson Secretary of Information

London 6 Nov 2008    

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