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Arbitrary arrests, security interrogation, and unlawful detention
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Nov 29, 2008 - 4:42:13 PM




November 26, 2008



Arbitrary arrests, security interrogation, and unlawful detention


Following a series of attacks on the Press and journalists this past week, the National Security and Intelligence Department (NSID) launched a new offensive against the freedom of expression by arresting three human rights activists this Monday, November 25th “by the direct orders of NSID Director Salah Gosh”


Arbitrarily arrested “for contacts with the International Criminal Court,” activists Osman Hummida, Abdel-Mon’im al-Jak, and Amir Suliman of the Khartoum Center for Human Rights and Environment Development were arbitrarily arrested, and then subjected to tortures according to updated reports: Interrogated for long hours without charge, al-Jak and Amir were repeatedly released only to be re-arrested with further interrogation. Hummida has not been yet released, In addition, the apprehending authorities refused to disclose information about his whereabouts, or to allow visitation and legal consultation according to law. There are serious concerns this forced disappearance of Hummida might well include tortures in poor detention conditions despite his need for immediate medical attention.


Most recently, the Director of Intelligence Salah Gosh pledged in a press conference to subject the freedom of expression “to the higher concerns of his security department.” Since then, escalated security campaigns have been pursued to intimidate civil society activist under tight restrictions of the freedom of the press. The National Security and Intelligence Department is not authorized to harass, intimidate, or arrest journalists or activists by constitutional law.


SHRO-Cairo believes that these campaigns might effectively curb the ongoing popular efforts in preparation of the upcoming national elections.


·         The Government of Sudan must stop the NSID from further violations of the Constitution.


We ask the Government to:


·         Release immediately Osman Hummida, Abd al-Mon’im El-Jak, and Amir Suliman; and


·         Respect the rights of journalists and human rights activists to exercise the freedom of expression and all other constitutional rights, indiscriminately.








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