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You aren’t Wriggling out of this one.. And No more twist and turn by Hatim El-Madani*
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Sep 14, 2008 - 9:24:41 AM

You aren’t Wriggling out of this one.. And No more twist and turn

Inside the million square mile of “lies”   in the land of spin of Sudan searching for the truth or siftings the facts about anything will always be mind boggling task for any contemporary observers, of course in a Western standard of judgement “the horrific crimes addressed by the ICC. Any Sudanese Muslim or Christian should be appalled by it more than the world, because these are our own people." sadly this may appear for some not to be the case if you happen to judge by the kinds of (Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf) the regime's puppets in the local media,or the words of the “hired in a hurry” by the NCP,infamous notorious SPLA wild dogs former communist media propagandist nowadays,or those who are seeking favours from the regimes and found this not to be missed opportunity to exploit them, I find such, nothing but insensitive blabbers willing to be a force to manipulate and silence the truth for a period of time.

With an unstoppable flow of propaganda coming from Khartoum media like a record album that kept skipping in the same place, tarnishing the reputation of the profession and the Sudan Media history in general, its time someone has to stand up and take note,or in fact in my case here to address them using the low unprofessional   language that they only understand.

But also first some Sudanese out of date Politicians have to understand too, It was this renewed sense of religious purpose by the regime that had rekindled the long standing rivalry between Sudan tribes and imparted the past brutality since this Mafia mushroomed from nowhere in Sep.1983. Thou ethnic differences were a cause,too through the past centuries but this was there since the old kingdoms all over Sudan, and cannot be allowed to be ignited today by this dishonoured Mafia.

We have after all to understanding the untold by the oppressed majority of the Sudanese people, whom are waiting for the regime shock period to pass and reality ”start to sink-in” after the sealed envelope of the charges delivered and the perpetrators realise then there is no way that they could wriggle-out of this one, and there is no middle way,even if they to bargain Darfur land and oil with the Bush oil crooks ,bringing in the Iranian Revolution Guards or opening the doors for the Jehadist network as the top accused hinted his options on TV. lately!. Whatever they do one things clear here they lost the trust and respect of a nation that I doubt will forget or forgive any more as they did in the past and never they will with this Mafia, that turned their peaceful land to a Taliban state,orphaned million and displaced several millions not to mention the figure they   maimed or killed. So let us never get tired in reminding them about some of their crimes again and again.. yes   they denies when is suite them they are nothing but fanatics Islamist but   we know they lied from day one, executed and expelled in the first months 11,000 soldiers and 4,000 of the finest officers in the Sudan Army because this Mafia for good reasons didn’t trust the Once most disciplined army in Africa that they shamed, so they created their own fanatics P.D Army, with only cursory weapons training and a booklet of Koranic sayings. where this PDF practised the mindless tactic of mass onslaught, which provided innumerable martyrs but rarely brought victory.

The Mafia didn’t stop there but went on to replace 80% of the civil servants with its illiterate and thugs,and syphoned their pensions, created a police state and let loose its militant hard-liners armed with sticks and iron bars to roam the streets beating up women and young students for not dressing up in an Islamic Saudi way or because they are not fanatics enough like them,under them torture became routine, one could list here a million nothing to do with Islam criminal acts and fact, and to mention a few more of their not past Taliban mentality even the staff of the antiquities departments were locked up, reportedly because there are more Christian than Islamic ruins displayed. And yesterday while Al-Bashir doing the fast breaking get together show with our Coptic, ironically how dare he think that we will forget the days when even peaceful Atbra, Shandi and old Omdurman had its churches closed, and the majority of the Coptic the sons and daughters of Aloa made to flee the country, pity they did so and they didn’t screams fouls like other victims of Al-Bashir ethnics cleansing purely because their old Christians believe advocate against that,and against even muddling in politics,unlike some today,but encouraged to pray for their Islamist fanatic cousins sins. likewise our Sophist wasn't spared either after they were demonised and branded even none Islamic,their Khalawi lifeline charitable contribution discouraged and its followers who have nothing and   who expect nothing on this earth except poverty, misery and oppression ,the Mafia made of them a tourist attraction and their khalawi became a site seen for its Wahab's visitors, they   basically tore apart our social fabrics all over to as far as the East and ended up bargaining Halaib in return for Egypt forgiveness after their failed Jehadist attempt to kill its leader, then turned on Darfur where their crimes still continues. Its sicking that they think every time here and there they can change their skin and disguise and tend to believe we are fooled by such. One could be tempted to go on and reveal what we know off record and on record about this Mafia "barbaric" and "medieval" Frame of mind..but we prefer the Sudanese way in keeping with “what goes on that one saw or being said behind doors stay there”, although what we know are in the public interest ,but will shock the world and our cherished Sudanese unique way in political dispute that turned to be useless in dealing with such criminal today and tarnished beyond repair by this Mafia,and all will come out in time if we decide to speed their departures!.and for now we are not here only to re-record the painful crimes of this Mafia as that they can’t erase from ours but to refresh the memories of   those ignorant propagandist or those who has it laps. The regime may try now their old favourite trick of distraction “Turabi verses Bashir” a childish lie that really worked, that   being used when they came to power”Turabi to prison to shield the new comers” and just before Sep 11 to fool the west?! and in Darfur now “to demonise them as Turabi's boys to the Sudanese.” the whole world seem to fall for it again and again ,but the Mafia know we don't fall for that we know!!

And what is baffling, in their “talking shops”   is why they suddenly think they are different today from their partners in crime yesterday? And what is new about the regime Mafia? just   to refresh your mind again, try to compare or reflect between their speeches days before the ICC call   and when they came to power, Isn’t that the same Al-Bashir repeating himself?.who said soon after taking power:” there would be action ; no mercy for rebels, just victory for Sudan, and for Islam. Sharia law would be enforced. "I vow here before you to purge from our ranks the renegades, the hirelings, enemies of the people and enemies of the armed forces," on rally after rally in Khartoum, holding a Koran and a Kalashnikov, he goes on "Anyone who betrays this nation does not deserve the honour of living. . . . There will be no fifth column. The masses have to purge their ranks." Adding the usual line of rhetoric’s “The war had been incited by "Zionists, crusaders and arrogant persons…"those Muslims who deal with dissidents and rebels and raise doubts about the legality of Jihads are hypocrites and dissenters and apostates for the Islamic religion. Their lot is to suffer torture in hell for eternity.”

I guess he didn't said that to Turabi when the later insensitively or frankly raised doubt about that Jihads?! Even if just in reminding him why he lost a family member on it if that was the case?.forget about the feeling of the innumerable mothers of what he called “Fatisa”..but unashamed the regime is willing to keep on deceiving and manipulating our people with these sort of religions rhetoric’s ..again I could go on and on..and yes we heard the same lines of excuses and the usual “Malesh”   but followed by threats and rhetoric in a turn and twist year after year.. as they say;”He who is caught in a lie is not believed when he tell the truth .“ But “ yes “Not any more …who do you think you kidding .Mr. Hitler”.?

 For the regime to lean now when is cornered on the double faces Umma Party and the DUP shoulders trying to repeat the story of   Niemairi “National reconciliation agreement of 1978” with the usual   buying time promises for groups of dummies who droped in attitudes of self conscious arrogance,who seem to be forgetting the facts that they achieved nothing when they were holidaying abroad in the name of Sudan oppositions for more than twenty years not to forget too they were out of the county   for an equal period of time before too during Niemairi's years also in the name of the people of Sudan   dream of;”long seeking democracy without military dictators and religious fanatics”..Ehem..give me break!! I think they all playing on the notoriously short electors memories,but this time no place for the out of date old turtle politicians who only happen to represent the Sudanese people by false inheritance of titles or are appointed only by the”I'm the party sole owner” those of Sudan religious traditional main parties leaders. in the Sudan we want to see,such contempt for our country situation and our civil right today as they did in the past show that these old dummies cannot be trusted to protect them again,the absent of valid opposition alternative in the coming election for the regime to fear and without guarantees to guard the outcome and dismantling the old one is enough reason for all armed rebellions to stand put.

feature generations deserve better than this selfishness and this cycle of failure through Sudan history has to stop, by our today generation in confronting the laid back attitude in facing injustice and the “Malesh” culture. the regime is pent for the country   inevitable fragmentation, so its importantly too we have to diffuse the fear portrayed by this Mafia about the expected 26,000 UNIMAD force that they will soon be there ,and   their fear that it has only one intention to occupy the country, or fearing the minority black southerners and Darfuri are been used to root out Islam or the Arab race from Africa by Zionist, or about the former colonials powers are after Sudan resources..Etc. are all unfounded normal propaganda and conspiracies theories always used by dictatorships regimes to buy more time and extends their control over power, used by such all over the globe. What is really true here and we can assure the regime about, its all about removing them from power for good, and for freeing the nation, democracy, the rule of law and order,the orphaned,the street children the displaced. Respected institutions   and efficiency and accountability above all. And they should make no mistake about it, no words mincing here, then the above imaginaries or possible threats, will all be gone the day this Mafia are gone, or worse these will willingly be turned to reality if   they were to try to wriggle or drag their feet on the way out or became stubborn and waited to see their ends.

Speaking unprofessionally below here I will say:”the problem in Sudan was that values had changed to a Hobbesian sense of survival at all costs certainly at the cost of anyone else. The suddenly over night turned millionaire's members of this Mafia and its beneficiaries who are roaming the streets in their Chinese imported white “Jalabia's” driving all new imported models of cars, accumulating lands fraudulently by their Islamist debt trap banks and living in houses expensive than any pads in New York, London or Monte Carlo. jetting off in and out the country for holidays in the none Islamic leisure’s paradises of the far east for cavorted Jehads that they only know.,all paid for by what they milked out of Sudan oil and resources and even from the illegal dollars returns from the scarce Sudan main diet of grain “Durah” that they exported   to the Gulf states camels and Europe beer brewery's and even worse they are profiting now from the logistic support to aid agencies that feeding their victims .while the millions starving like “Ahmed” or “Halima” and her malnourished children’s whom are deprived from it ,ended up under a rag of plastic or a piece of foreign Aid boxes carton board too traumatized   for years with no belonging, some were squatted rounds towns or in the squalid camps waiting for food handout to be shipped from the end of the world by foreign organisations for all over the country many displaced Camps while the regime talk about exporting more of their foods, as if that not enough torture and humiliation in their own country, they are now stand accused,surrounded   and punished daily by security officers carrying Uzi   machine guns and electric cattle prods, and   truncheons ,instilling   fear in these unfortunate camps dwellers. You tell me do they really need to listen to the Mafia propaganda shouting “Takbir..Tahhleel” or “Al-Bashir is innocent”As if? Or death to Ocampo!!...from behind the last Benz model wheels??.. This the   kind of Islam   that Al-Bashir's Mafia were taught in Saudi Arabia or Tehran. But most certainly not in Sudan and Sudan’s “Khalawi” that for centuries bended backward and fed all Sudan starving, welcomed the homeless,helped the dispossessed, shouldered the sick and the orphans and beside all that spread tolerances and peace. Then remember Mr Al-Bashir and your Gobbles lot; when they did that ,there were no oil dollars then??.

Bashir and his Wohabi's followers may need to reflect deep during this month of Ramadan if they know the meaning of it, “that dropping to their knees for five times a day in prayers in a façade show or growing their beard “ dose not make them good Moslems when in the same time stealing the nation poor and the orphans foods,like Bashir giving his brother the lion share of Sudan oil exploration commissions,building and selling for profit thousand of luxury's presidential villas thoughtless about the millions he made homeless who are not even in a make shift camps,gifting foreign footballers the last models of cars and just a stone throw from his palace hundred thousand orphans street children as young as Ten   years old whom are the products of his wars are crushed daily under cars wheels desperately running between them begging for food and shelters and he is happy to call them “Shamasa” or label them JEM's members. AAH

  And spare me your incompetents’ cronies rhetoric’s and the loud expressed reminders about the sands castles development in the north where mostly all about waste of public's money white elephant dam to generate electricity for exports by companies his crooks already owns and know they will pocket the revenue from its sales not the northern people,they forget we don't eat electricity in the desert north, a region with no real   infrastructure gains only what left by the British and the Turkish rule, however, already most collapsed or none exists today on the ground but you only hear about new ones on Bashir propagandist media and all are nothing but dreams projects that ill thought ,about large mechanized agricultural farms for the Arab Gulf wealthy along the Nile that will spell the end of traditional farming and see the displacement of our people who are for centuries survived every feminine and drought other region couldn't endure,.But this the regime propagandist tricks and selling tactics when always the real intention is to steal others lands like what they did in the East for their wealthy Islamist Arab sheikhs banks. And the facts and the reality again on the ground is that still there today hundred of thousands northerners in the vast deserts starving and many displaced , shielded from the international focus because Bashir counted himself as one of them and they are paying the price for this unwanted association with this Mafia!!..   the unfortunate of them their only day meal chance is by running after those passing by Khartoum holidays buses and trains to Cairo begging its passengers to throw them some leftover foods,and there is another sinister motive behind these blackmail sweet talk about “more development to counter the ICC” in return for solidarity is also the expressed intention or aim by Bashir advisor's recently to mobilize racially the entire Nubian 18 million population to shield him from the coming arrest warrant. You wish dream on!.you will see them soon putting an end to this shambolic state of Sudan state.

Away from this personal note. Its a matter of fact putting this Mafia before the world justice will not just end the self-defeating see-saw banging against the gravity of history that Sudan seems caught in,but will put an end to the many selfish Army general's both in Africa or the Arab world form stealing their people will.

I think Bashir should think about Hitler's last days ,Sadam in his pants or the least Pinochet, this his only choices now. for me If one helpless Chinese could stand in front of the mercy of the mighty Chinese army tanks then is enough if one Sudanese to stand up in defiance of the sticks and iron bars Militant lunatics of his .

Hatim El-Madani*


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