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FRANCE - 12/05/2008.


The 10/05/2008 Armed Revolutionary attack (Alzirā Altaweel)launched against Dictator Military Govern- ment at Sudanese triangular or three town capital Khartoum, by Commander Dr Khalil Ibrahim gallantly together with his revolutionary combatants of Justice and Equality Movement (JEM),constitutes great step forward to bring down current despotic regime. It is concrete action representing strong willingness of overwhelming majority   of   suffering Sudanese populat- ion, to conquer effective reins of   powers in the Sudan, to govern the country themselves. Time of simulation and furtive negotiations has gone! Fortress of   chronic rule of dictatorship in the Sudan must be dismantled through armed-fight, at any cost and sacrifice possible.

Strategy of commander Khalil Ibrahim, was highly sophisticated, with powerful impact. It has shaken present structure of dictatorship in the Sudan and   shattered them morally. JEM fighters who took action in that front line revolutionary battle at Omdurman , are heroes. And those who have fallen dead, we consider them patriotic martyrs spilt their blood for noble national cause; and that is highest sacrifice they have offered for their people and for their country.  


To engage genuine democratic process, to   bring new changes in the Sudan for benefit of all citizens; it will be impossible indeed, to mix-up revolutionary methods with reactionary methods!!! Therefore, it is unnecessary to go into compromise with old Sudanese classic political systems, who have started regrouping themselves again, in alliance to protect their own interests, with chronic mentality of selfishness they really have. They are the same Parties who failed in ruling this country for 52 years. They had undermined establishment of even development country wide; and were all proven unsuccessful.   Planning for revolution to bring essential progressive reforms in many fields, to achieve better standards of living for ordinary Sudanese popular masses; this kind of project requires new positive patriotic ideas, totally different from those ruling this country in the past; in order to meet aspirations of bulk majority of Sudanese citizens.    


I support the idea   to   reunite all   forces   found   fighting   for   their rights in   the   Sudan today; sharing   same   problems of   exclusion   from   development  plans   in   the   country; to organize their struggle   in   abroad based   front. Such   tremendous   force to   happen   is   what   we   had been   calling   for   strongly since   advent   of   Sudan   People's   Liberation   Movement   and   the Sudan   People's   Liberation   Army (SPLM/SPLA) to    theatre   of civil   war   in   the   Sudan   in   1983.   This   is an understanding approach   to   real   material   of   Sudanese quarrel over decades. If these populations marginalized reunite potentials they have; the balance of force will change certainly to their favor, and will achieve legitimate rights, political, economic, socio-cultural, etc.    Such new political force in the country planned, will enable them to overpower dictatorship in the Sudan democratically.


Depending on many facts and common factors known to public opinion belonging to these marginalized   areas; concerning huge potentials   they   possess; yet   human   forces   and   talented capacities in these areas   had been widely influenced   and   scattered in-between   major political   parties   in   Northern   part   of   the Sudan. That   relationship   was   nothing   good   rather   than different kinds   of exploitation   inflicted   by    these dominant   political    parties   based   in Khartoum; on   populations in marginalized   areas. During   elections and votes, populations victimized, got accustomed to mechanism of go and vote for these   parties holding central powers in Khartoum, thinking that development   would   come from behind   dominant political   parties.

Unfortunately,   those   Political   Parties   were   telling   nothing but lies for   many   years to   people   dwelling these areas. The   parties in question   had   promised a lot at every election time, to establish development   for   backward regions   of   the Sudan . However, they   didn't  materialize anything, but   had   taken advantage of electoral votes and   other potentials of populations in areas they had denied progress. However, different Sudanese populations, excluded from   development , are   gaining revolutionary consciousness and awareness   in   their minds and rebelling now, adopting political-armed   struggle, manifested countrywide against dictatorship. They   are   seriously   coming back   to   themselves   in   the same pattern   everywhere   inside   our   great   homeland.   This process will   lead into fundamental   revolutionary changes   to uproot   system of   injustice in the country. It   is   ineluctable;   therefore   the   people from backward   areas   must   continue   accelerating   total   liberation of themselves from   domination   of   vampire   political parties   who are   so   egoistic, greedy and power thirst, taking everything for their own minority   interests in   the Country. How   shameful   that   attitude!!!  


Therefore, it is absolutely right for the indigenous Sudanese black African peoples, known to be victims    of underdevelopment in the country; to   seek their own power, solid and interactive; with   objective   to   reach   thrown of power   and   govern   the   country   themselves, for the sake of equality   and   prosperity   shared   by   all   citizens.   If there is anyone to   loose   in   that    battle for democracy; certainly   it   is   not the   common   Sudanese   popular masses   now   under   yoke   of   oppression   and   pain.   The looser will   be those accustomed   to   steal   from   public   assets,   to create   their   own   private   wealth.


Alliance between different   democratic organizations, emanating   from   these   specific   areas   in   the   country,   shall be real salvation   to rescue the Sudan. Put   sincere solutions   to   problems   laying   in front   of the country,   for   many   years and recurrent   blood shed must end.   Unhealthy political   games   are taking   place   repeatedly   in   the Sudan , under dictatorship and anarchy.        

We   must   overthrow    dictators from   power   and    get   rid   of   them. We must   stop   them   once   and   for   all   from   overlooking, marginalizing, enslaving and from   carrying   repeated   genocides   and   cheap   granted   mass killings   over   majority    of   unarmed   innocent   Sudanese   citizens. "The   best   way of   defense is offense". Therefore all   victimized   Sudanese   peoples   must   be   on   the   offensive   now!!!

Let   us   attack   common   enemy   and remove it   from power by   all   means   available   in   our   hands.   We   shall not expect   African   Union   forces, the   United   Nations'   forces   and   different   Human   Rights   Organizations   in   the   world    to   come   every   time   at   our   rescue   in   the Sudan!!!   Real change and reform in State political system shall be brought about only by us the Sudanese revolutionary mind, who want to bring   such fundamental domestic change; and that is sacred responsibility in front of all of us, true opposition.


The SPLM/SPLA/ southern commandership, has   betrayed    foundations   of   national   Sudanese   struggle laid   down by itself   in   the   Splm/Splm   MANIFESTO   of   31st JULY   1983. Alas!   In   the   end   of   the   day   this   revolutionary   movement, once   solid   and   strong,   got    manipulated   and   subdued   by   the   religious   fanatic   extremists   holding   state   powers   in   the  country. The SPLM/SPLA is   no   longer there respective to national influence. The   Movement's overall   structure, whether in South   Sudan   or in   North   Sudan is now   under   full   control of   Islamic fundamentalism, theocracy and   autocracy.

Demarcation must be very clear between our political opposition activities against dictatorship in the Sudan . We are fighting for the sake of democracy, hence no way to mix up with that dictatorship because those dictators are   anti-democratic. We   shall have to be   consistent   in   political opposition vis-ą-vis present government imposing Islamic State and Sharia constitution   on   Sudanese peoples   by   force.   In our view the Republic of   the Sudan must   be   governed by   Secular Constitution, which allows exercise of democratic freedoms by all citizens. Religion and all spiritual believes   are personal things, and have nothing   to   do   with collective state affairs. Different   political   opinions   shall be   accommodated   and   shall have all chances to be active together for open democratic debate and confrontation of different ideas in the same Sudan , without segregation, discrimination and no barriers shall be put against any of them.


Present government   can not   claim itself   a broad-based national one, since   the present military Islamic regime   in   place had overthrown and replaced by force in 1989, a democratic rule elected then by people. The dictator   regime since, has   rejected   to   relinquish   powers back   to   people and insisted that, Sudanese public opinion must   come   obedient under NIF(National Islamic Front)   terms, nothing more or less!!!   It   is   one   sided policy taking   place   in   the   country, under   force of Islamic fundamentalism and extremism. Therefore,   anyone working with them,   is   simply   implementing   their   orders and   the   overall   NIF's political   agenda   is solidly   at place. New   political   partners   converging   to homeland, were unable   to change   course   of   things   positively   for   the   sake   of    the    Sudanese   society   at   large. They do not have political   independent   view   on national   matters!!! They are under bondage of NIF's political   dominance   currently in   the   Sudan .


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