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Winter,Supporting Who against Who? by Omar Al Bushra
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Jul 2, 2008 - 9:47:37 AM

Winter,Supporting Who against Who?

Southern Sudan people who fought what was described as the longest civil war in Africa can hardly believe that an American called Roger Winter is keener than them as to their interests.
Not only that, Winter has meddled into affairs that are opposed to diplomatic conventions by making statements that are the concern of the President of South Sudan Government.
Winter, a former American Envoy for Sudan who has been known for his hostile attitude, is attempting to use South Sudan as a vehicle to vent his hostility as evidenced by his interview with Sudan Nile website.

His statement that (military solutions sometimes become part of the solution) is but an example of Winter's attempt to encourage the return to war.

By this statement, Winter's has proven himself as opposed to dialogue, hence instigating the international community to intervene.

Winter goes further to speak on behalf of Sudanese by saying that no-one is agreed with the National Congress Party on the Abyei foreign experts report.
The question that poses itself is how Winter has made himself a mouth piece of the highest hierarchy of SPLM to decide on its behalf?

The other question is whether SPLM leadership is aware of Winter's statements and their impact on the implementation of CPA.

However, Winter has shown himself as a follower of the extreme American right wing, and as such he would become the gravest threat to CPA.



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