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Will the prophecy of many agreements dishonored be repeated?by: Izzadin Abdul Rasoul
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Jul 31, 2006 - 3:26:00 AM

Will the prophecy of many agreements dishonored be repeated?



Mini Minawi the leader of Sudan Liberation Movement Faction who signed the Abuja Peace Agreement is expected to arrive Khartoum on 5th August, after a long trip to USA. According to the statement announced by chairman of an advance delegation of Sudan Liberation Movement, Abdul-Karim Al-Sheikh, Thursday at the press forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA). He said that a joint committee of the movement and the national unity government to receive Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement, Mini Arkoy, finalized all preparations. Al-Sheikh said that the arrival of Mini Arkoy affirms the seriousness of Sudan Liberation Movement to reach a comprehensive peace and to implement the Darfur peace agreement on the ground. Al-Sheikh said that the security situation in Darfur is witnessing stability and improvement following the signing of Darfur peace agreement.

      The Sudan Government is known for dishonoring the Agreements. So many people remember the Khartoum peace agreement between the Government of Sudan and SPLM factions led by Riack Machar and Dr. Lam Akol. On Sudan Television the Government of Sudan made celebrations for the signing of Khartoum Peace Agreement, The government of Sudan have gone further to say that the agreement is blessed and that late Dr. John Garang De, Mabuier is isolated and defeated. In those days they have started showing distorted provocative Photos for Dr. John Garang to show that he was defeated. It did not lasted long after all these slogans and those two persons went back to their old friend. They came to their consciences and listened the proverb that says: the nature of dog is to bite.

      When the international pressure increased on both Government of Sudan and the SPLM./A, they sat for negotiations with help of IGAD and other partners. This process led to a Comprehensive Peace Agreement Known as CPA. Before CPA put on the ground the Sudanese people lost one of the peacemakers on plane crash. The death of Dr. Garang was a victory for those who oppose any peace that will deprive them from the privileges that they inherited from the colonial power. After Kiir was nominated to run the late Dr. De, Mabuier, two opinions came up. First group was optimistic concerning the implementation of the CPA and believed that Kiir is a trustworthy person who could succeed the late Dr. John and do his job; this group says that one day in a meeting Dr. John said, “ If I am not here, Kiir is your father”. That means he knew the capabilities and co inherent power of Kiir. The Second group was pessimistic said, “ In the absence of Dr. John, no one could be able to deal with National Congress Party”.

When Kiir arrived to Khartoum he was promised by the NCP that nothing will stop the Government of National Unity that will be formed from deviating from the implementation of the CPA. However, when the two parties came on power sharing the greed of the NCP appeared to the top. The first dispute was on Ministry of Energy of Mining. The SPLM/A disappointed its supporters when it gave the Ministry of Energy and Mining to NCP. The second group of SPLM/A supporters won the bet that earlier said that no one after the death of Dr. Garang to stand on the face of NCP.

After the poorly division of wealth and power between the NCP and SPLM/A the disputes expanded until it reached the apex. Kiir was not able to keep all these things without telling the Sudanese people. He made his famous press conference where he has accused the NCP for not being serious of full implementation of the CPA on the ground. And that was clear signal to the international community who is in Sudan with its special representative in Sudan that CPA was dishonored.

The Sudan people Liberation Movement who fought for more than a decade suffered and still suffering from the dodges of NCP and its colonial minded clans. Now the question that raised itself could Minin Minawi succeed and be able to stand on the face of NCP and ask for the rights of people of Darfur only?  Although the Darfur Peace Agreement was borne crippled.         

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