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Why wait till 2011 the door is a jar!! by Hatim El-madani*
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Oct 31, 2008 - 9:11:43 AM

Why wait till 2011 the door is a jar!!

Garang once said;”the SPLM/A picked up some unsavoury habits that would blemish the SPLM/A for years.” he was spot on, but he was then economical with the truth, besides human rights abuses, the SPLM/A through the war were "entirely dependent on looting hand out food" that provided unaccountably by international relief agencies in the "refugee" camps. Recruits indoctrinated and told to live through the barrels of their guns. The formal SPLA "graduation song" had disturbing connotations:

Even  your mother, give her a bullet!

Even your father, give him a bullet!

Your gun is your food; your gun is your wife .

Of course "All military training is, in a sense, dehumanising. It prepares people to kill others,"  "But the SPLM/A took this to an extreme. It inculcated a callous attitude towards civilians where in order to help its fighters to survive, but to spread the idea that the only option for the starving was to join up. and when atrocities happen its propaganda always played the usual game with the international observers in;” let blame it all on Khartoum” . . . Of course this happen in many wars. But the SPLM/A failed to or lacked the determination to eliminate such actions and war mentality to this day.

Needless to say the continuous loss of civilian lives in these numerous incidents since the peace agreement i.e. Rumbake,Malkal, Juba,Abyei or the attempt on the former foreign minister....etc. Will not be the last no mater what punishment the SPLM/A are to handout every time. and nor does the buying of arsenals, air defence systems ,fighter jets or tanks from Ukrainians and the Russians?! To such undisciplined militia and war hungry minds, Will sustain peace in the south other than lining the arms traders pockets and so on to another war.

The disguised  image of the new south Sudan to all donors away from the marathons speeches we heard during their last months governments forums is not what the generous but simplistic ignorant about tribal Africa specially those deep-pocket fundamentals evangelicalism in the US or Scandinavians Christians or the Arab Moslem league or the old-school revolutionaries,Marxism, Stalinism, or those from any other convenient ideological or religion marker the SPLA/M manipulated today and during its colourful history for short terms gain,by deliberate disinformations, would like to see or hear how they were fooled. all these parties who contributed financially to the longest war in Africa and both religion followers, who poured huge money for what they believe in, which happen on the ground to be financing  the killing and the settling of tribes scores there for half a century for “God to accept their offering” in support for what is portrait to them every Sunday or Friday prayers as “ominous Biblical prophecies or the oppressed black Christians albeit against Moslem's  Arab north.”,or for the other side;”Moslem Arab Sudan is under attack by Christians Zionist.”,where truly here neither the Southerners themselves nor the rest of Sudan understood this evil maintenance of killing in the name of Christ or Mohammed,Marx or Stalin. But for the benefit of the insensitive here from both religion, the only party that benefited later happen to be the World arms and energy new terror religion followers, Chaina and the old Soviet blocks.

Because the gagged truth is the killing in South Sudan has apart of the Christians verses Islamist or the interferences of  ideological mercenaries advocates snotty noses muddling in, another historical indigenous religions hatred dimensions and tribalism grudges to it, that there for centuries. Where in southern Sudan today even the thought of it bring this crippling fear about feature South Sudan that in the best case of all may well  be enhanced Rwanda II, and with no doubt is very bleak and no winners. This why through their history southern Sudanese learns to live with this fear, where every one is an enemy, and thou seeking safety, co-existent and trust only with family and tribesmen whose mutual fate is at least jointly endured, and they have every reasons, judging by the tens of tribes whom either totally annihilated by its neighbours or vanished from the earth within the last fifty years and this never committed by the Muslims Arab north, as some American and Europeans with past racism guilt’s or  phobic to the word Arab, stereo type come to equate, worse the will be losers here in feature south Sudan is the traditionally larger southern peaceful tribes like the Azandi,the Shilluk, Nuba mountains and many smaller tribes. who are today silenced by the beneficiaries of the oil and minerals dodgy companies and the small guns donors or from the oil in returns facilitators, and these tribes did wisely to keep quite and not to express their anger, fearing the peace triumph would collapse into a battle among these old enemies tribes leading to more internal fragmentations within South Sudan,same suffocating silence that absorbed the faint sound of so many dying from starvation there today nd here I mean not the “Juba hot pants residents” but those poor sufferer we see over the news eating dung from the cow ass while the GOSS purchasing billions of dollars worth of arms and the corruption stinks from every department, this poisonous knowledge of the horrors that could be festers like an incubated wound at the back of every mind are mainly to be blamed on two tribes in South Sudan namely the Nuer and the Dinka who are both today exert superiority over each and the others..And throughout South Sudan history both Dinka and Nuer believe religiously and tribally one day one will eliminate the other , and the SPLM/A seem today are on that road as both old faction are building up an internal tribal security networks to ensured  feature dominance under the disguise of fighting or guarding themselves against flash encounter with the north.

Those yesterday  jungle tribal warrior on both tribes who press-gang their boys from the age of 11 to fight for their tribe before they had learned to write their names to today war old-school revolutionaries generation on both tribe have to understand  they can not use misinformation or manipulations of their world  oil thieves backers to steal others land or belongs, following the old tribal traditions to claim such falsely as what we witnessed in Nimoli,Abyei..etc earlier!! and above all they have to understand the differences separating man from mindless beast could rarely have been so narrow in their tribal past, and I think we all remember the callous tribes killing that becoming so routine,like the days of “Ayod, Waat, and Kongor,” the killing fields  area between Dinka and Nuer territory when even hospital patients killed; children were locked into a hut and burned alive; escaped were gunned down, or in other parts when town after another fell victim to the clashing tribes these days have gone forever and the south people need no return to that shame and lies. civility and peace is what the country and the south need right now.

One could put his hand up despite all the scary past and with triviality to what happening today and say we witnessing sincere determination and patriotism by large numbers within and outside the GOSS and most importantly by the majority of  well educated southern Sudanese who are seeking and end to this militarism mentality and tribalism and selfishness within both old factions in the  SPLM, and Sudan as whole and encouraging those who are for more openness with honesty to reality, in facing civil life and peace time chalenges and even more good sign there are the willing in many  to understand or to know better the common interest with the country 509 other tribes they are sharing the land with, be it in the south,Kurdofan, Darfur or the north.

On the other hand those who are longing to see the South secedes from old Sudan most certainly are short sighted, they need only to look no further than what happening in north Uganda,Zaire or Kenya or in a matter of fact the story of the whole region surrounding them is a lessons of tribal feudalism in itself through the past centuries. if not and probably with the usual counter arguments and propaganda they are good at, they will lead the united south dream to more separations and end up with  more tribal states,New Sudan1,New Sudan2,New Sudan3... and so on. As just as they went to war may be against domination by what they portrait as Arab Muslims in the north. we see tribalism and nationalism and more militarism today and abuses have undermined its cause.

And for  those tribalism in the north who happen to be in the South situation since the Funj and not long ago where the Nuba hated the Shilluks or the Jaalyeen despised the Rizaigat and the later never in terms with the Fur or the Hadandawa and the Khassa and so on , the argument about the south separation from Sudan or not lay truly on their doors steps,up to now there is no bold steps to truly abolish tribalism taken to make unity attractive or to address the southerners concerns loudly and clearly even after the peace agreement, be it more revised education subjects about the South history to bridge the gap,in a genuine share portion of the state media,or tokenism steps like abolishing or regulating the ugly southerners exploitation in the labour market or correcting any other rights and race relations concerns them, or for sharing together more economical  practical interests by forcing or encouraging northerns capital for more investments to cattier for southerners.

Those in the GOSS from the SPLM/A who are so entrenched that they don't know what is wrong and right  and rushing into replacing northerners with bounty hunters from Kenyans,European, Americans or Chinese and so accepting of their self-seeking opportunism." before they talk big in their cheery forums,should listen carefully;opening  interests offices abroad in parral with the state organs they are part of or leading state within state is nothing but a dilutions double standard seen by other part of the country as blackmail and clear separation intentions,created wrongly by this deformed but step in the right direction CPA,where an enhanced devolution or an independent assemblies similar to Great Britain successful new power sharing model implemented during the last ten years between Scotland ,Britain and Wells would have achieved that both in the South and north Darfur in feature and other part of the country too. And let us make no mistake again Sudan would prosper without or with the south and sadly many today in the north in rather see the current south to the door now than waiting till the house is wrecked from within as what we are witnessing now in the south,even before the eight millions southerners residing in the north had to return after,and for every good reasons northerners they never want to see the country again have to stand still in waiting or to be bled to the cost of 2million dollar a day for forty years in a foolish war to keep a not wanted unity and even after this peace to find itself again waiting for the south to make its mind up or its governing body to take its responsibility seriously. As the Sudanese says;”the door is a jar a camel could make his way out through it”.. get it?

Hatim El-madani*

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