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Why do the Political Organizations of the third world always stand by the corrupted governments and support them against the interest of the peoples?? by M.Ahmad Motsu,-K.Saudia Arabia.
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May 5, 2006 - 11:49:00 AM

Why do the Political Organizations of the third world always stand by the corrupted governments and support them against the interest of the peoples??
This question needs much research and studies by the experts in this field to get a satisfactory answer. These organizations, like the Arab League and the African Union, never stood by the poor oppressed nations of the member  countries. They always try to protect the corrupted governments and defend the dictators. The Arab League (AL) for example stood by Sadam Hussain against his people and never took a move to protect the Shiet in Halabja massacre ,or  to stop the atrocities in the Iraqi prisons (and indeed in all Arab countries prisons) until the world saw these horrible acts after Sadam regimen fell .Also the AL never moved to save defer people from the crimes of the Sudanese government and its Janjweed ,and kept quite until when the international community moved  and endangered the Sudanese Government,then we saw how the al Secretary panicked and he visited Darfur weeks after Koffi Anan and the officials from the Western countries did so.What a shame‼.
The AF also has its bad history in this matter. It stood watching the Rwanda genocide and did nothing and we never saw them on ground until all was over. And in Darfur ,killings and burnings take place before their eyes but they did nothing, even their reports were to please the Sudanese Gov..And it became clear that this organization only protect the governments during the African Summit, when no harsh measurements were taken to deter the Sudanese Gov.
Neither the AL or the AU send any humanitarian aids in form of food ,medicines, or cloth to the poor Palestinians and to the dying Niger's people or to the Somalians refugees or to Darfur victims. All what we see are NGOS from all over the world except the members of the AL or Aunt only this, but officials from these countries even steel the aids which come from these NGOS ,like tents ,generators ,and even food‼ for their consumption or to sell in the market‼.I witnessed this during Khartoum flood in 1988,when top military ranks and top civil servants in the Sudanese Gov. took tents and electric generators and canned cheese to their homes. It is sad to come to know that the "Zakat" of one rich Arab Miliardairs will support the refugees in Somalia,Darfur and Palestine for at least a month.
Without the international community, I think dictators like Charles Taylor will never be prosecuted, and the masterminds of Rwanda Genocide will never be behind bars. This ,we hope, will be the fate of the Sudanese Gov. officials and their Janjweed who took active role in the cruel acts in Darfur and the Eastern province.
Having said all the above, Im not at all surprised when the secretary of the African Union came out with his born dead proposal, which is actually engineered and produced by the Sudanese Gov, and the AU secretary sponsored it ,I donít think for free‼‼
M.Ahmad Motsu,-K.Saudia Arabia.

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