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Why didn't Kiir cry so much for Garang? Tungawan Chol, Syndey, Australia
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May 10, 2008 - 7:55:33 PM

Why didn't Kiir cry so much for Garang?


Southerners, did anyone ever see this tribalist chief former loyalist of murdered John Garang crying for the death of victims since we begin the movement in 1983?
 Why does first vice president Kiir show much concern and cry over this incident, did it hurt him more?
 Were those gentlemen his real brothers who were holding him in power and leaderships than Southerners?
 Did he mourn in such a way during the time when he lost his former brother and first vice president John Garang Mabior?
 Is it important for vice president (SALVA Kiir) to open his teeth widely and badly like that crying for particular people like those two figures, while thousands of people are dying day and night in
Southern Sudan
without strategy that will change their struggle and life?
 This is my first time to see Salva Kiir mourning seriously in two decades since the formation of SPLM/SPLA in 1983.
 Now, any South Sudanese should be working cautiously with this man about his position with people of Warrap and his close Brothers in SPLM/SPLA.
 Let swear, I totally proved him as tribalist and today everybody should be aware and keep quiet on blaming those of Dr. MACHAR tribalism basis and thanks.


Tungawan Chol, Syndey , Australia

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