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Who are Landless People in Sudan? Mack Awer -Cairo
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Oct 8, 2006 - 11:15:00 PM

The Research conducted on the Baggara people has produced an authentic information of who they are and where they came. The Baggara came to or brought to Sudan during the Mahdia war with the British from Mariutania as mercenaries- the so called "Jehadists" to be precise.
After the war, they settled as nomadics and remain in Sudan. During the 1960s, they decided to occupy any land of any weak indigenous Southern Sudanese when they told so by Arabs. They started terrorising the Dinka, killing, rustling cattle and abduct children and women for slavery. The Dinkas too responded and that situation prevailed until the CPA came.But they were used as proxies.  
After realising that they have failed mesirably in the South with backers, they shifted their ambition of occupation to Darfur. They disguise themselves. In the South they were El Maralleen and now in Darfur, Janjaweed. Their cunning tactics! 
This people have enjoyed unquestionable backing from the northern Sudanese Arabs who had been ruling Sudan since independence upto now. Now that the indigenous people of the Sudan have emerged, demanding their ownership and rights, Baggara are frustrated and that is why they claim Abyei is part of the north and Some parts of Darfur is theirs so as to settle in them. But surprisingly, the word "Abyei" is not an Arabic origin, nor  does "Fur", which as curropted when the Arabs add "DAR.
My message to Baggara is that, we don,t hate them. They have to live with us side by side as Sudanese, and not heed Arabs' misleading rhetoric, that Abyei or parts of Darfur is theirs. History tells us all that where some of the people in Sudan came from and it is incredible when a guest demands the owner to leave his house. WE the Afican Sudanese are tolerant, peace loving and hospitable and unfortunately these qualities have rendered us to be slaves. The minority is dictating and rules us, but time has come to give back the part of anything they have stollen. One of that part is Abyei and Furland. Baggara are the landless people in Sudan and I believe if they are still listening to the Arabs who came as salt traders, then their future is unknown. The past wars were not real wars. They were political ones and that was why some indigenous African Sudanese side with the Arab government in Khartoum, but now onward, it is going to be different.
My call to African Sudanese is that: LET THE BAGGARA GO BACK TO MARAUTANIA, if they claim any legitaimacy to our land. With the Arabs, is good because they call themselves Northerners.
So,Baggara, just tend to your cattles and leave the feud between us and the minority clique.
Mack Awer 

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