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What crimes? by Omar Al Bushra
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Jul 23, 2008 - 11:55:10 AM

What crimes?

Several years ago the Palestinian Legislative Council filed an application to the International Criminal Court over the Israeli genocide crimes committed since the year 1948 against the Palestinian people and that committed by President Bush over the whole globe besides the crimes of Ehud Olmert but there was no response to their application.

But now the ICC is busy trying to indict the Sudanese President even without receiving a request of an application from the Darfur citizens that they are subjected to genocide!

A witness from the American themselves said that he saw huge scale of the war crimes being committed systematically by US forces across Iraq.
While the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis - for which Bush, and along with him, the American people who twice elected him, are responsible - is tragic, it should not be understated that the invasion itself was a crime against humanity.

The war and invasion were in clear breach of the UN charter, which prohibits invading other countries except when an attack on one's sovereign territory is about to occur or has just occurred.

Added to that, US soldiers torturing of prisoners, illegal secret renditions, and a host of other human rights abuses, and you have a long list of actions that are prohibited and outlawed by US federal law. Yet they ignore this and victimize others under a so-called war on terrorism.

  All the above are clear indications that the arrest warrant for President Al-Bashir is an evidence that the big powers are controlling the International Criminal Court to serve their own agendas, not justice

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