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Western Culture Moral Bankruptcy by Yassir Madani
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Jul 12, 2008 - 12:48:22 PM

Western Culture Moral Bankruptcy

The republishing by Danish papers of cartoon drawings offending to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) should be seen in its right perspective. While some contend that the offense was committed under the umbrella of liberalism, others attribute that indecent behaviour to Westerners' ignorance of Islam.

Both contentions may bear some sense. But we believe that both liberalism and ignorance of Islam do not justify offending a religious face professed by a huge number of people the world-over.

The liberal West, in particular, has continued to call for toleration of religious faith as part of the human rights it has installed itself as an advocate of. Why then have the Danish papers transcended that human right by injuring the feelings not only of he whole Moslem world, but also those of their Danish Moslem co-citizens.
We believe that the Danish papers are inseparable from the concept of Westerners regard of Islam as a value-system opposed to the root of Western culture.
Islam as a humanly message has come to liberate human beings from the evils which are plaguing Western societies today.

As is known, liberalism today has given birth to social evils which all heavenly faiths oppose.
To mention but a few, some Western countries have legalized sex outside the wedding-lock, marriage of the same sex and give gays the right to establish their own unions.
If seen from a sociological perspective, all these practices run contrary to the natural human instinct, apart from breeding other evils.

In contrast, Islam preaches lofty values that respect the dignity of the human being and protect the family from immoral practices.

It suffices to say that the message of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is gaining ground everyday while the Western culture is falling apart as a result of its moral bankruptcy.



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