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We need a clear position now by Yassir Madani
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Jul 25, 2008 - 7:38:30 AM

We need a clear position now

The Sudanese government has demanded the US Administration to adopt a clear position towards ICC allegations against President Al-Bashir. The Charge de Affaires was informed about the Sudanese rejection to the ICC allegation.
The Sudanese government demanded a clear position from Washington towards the ICC considering that USA is not one of Rome Statute signatories, adding to that its keenness to implement the peace agreements in Sudan.

It is contradictory to call for peace in Darfur and for implementation of the peace agreements and at the same time you target the Head of the State who guarantees all that. It is obvious that there are several scenarios within the USA Administration; as some infiltrated the ICC decision before it is announced by the court while others distanced themselves from the issue, indicating the true color of the American 'double standard' policy.

  The American official position which we understood is that USA is very interesting to implement all the peace agreements in Sudan; and that necessitates that the USA should work out a plan to stop the ICC decision.
The USA Charge de Affaires stated that Washington wants to concentrate on the future and its priority is to achieve a considerable progress in Darfur and improvement in relations with UN and the international community.

 If Washington wants to achieve progress on the ground, it should stop ICC Prosecutor-General's move against the Sudanese leadership as that will lead to more complication to the situation and might let the rebel movements to scale up their demands and that, of course, will make it difficult to achieve any considerable progress on the ground. For that reason, a clear position is needed now not tomorrow.








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