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We don't Do French and thanks but No thanks Mr Williamson by Hatim El-Madani*
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Dec 12, 2008 - 9:03:50 AM

We don't Do French and thanks but No thanks Mr Williamson

Honourable decent people and nations who respect humanity and the rule of law don't do deals under the counters with fallen dictators and terrorists,and its indefensibly and a No No while a court of law deliberating a case to offer the accused otherwise an alternative or a bargain way out!, for France the story of the last minutes wrangling with Sadam's and lending him the wrong impressions that didn't help him to understand the gravity of the situation at the time is still alive in our minds but again bad habit in France foreign department die hard.

First all ought to know president "Casanova" Sarkozy who pledged to reframe France's patron-client buddying-up to corrupt allies, if the unfolding news are true then he is not all that ,as France reputation in Africa and the crimes that French troops have committed there are well documented and never will lends him credibility in feature peace and stability in the region ,specially France as Africa still waiting for them to show their hands after Rwanda that still blood soaked in their pockets, or about Mr Bocasa wealth,Congo-Brazzaville massacres.. etc. believe on me this not anti French colonial past they are still at it today, and let me remind you, but first you have to live or visit one of its not so past colony the dusty N'Djamena, the Capital of Chad, an exact image town today of the old wild west post-gunpowder time town ,hot, ugly,dusty, scathed ruin fallen walls huts the only things missing in N'Djamena is the good the bad and the ugly music tune,so as to understand the exact description .and its dusty streets patrolled by masked covered faces dark figures , they are the president men with guns and true with all sorts, and from time to time its resident have the pleasure to watch frightful over their heads too the formations of the French Mirage fighter aircraft deafening them by flying beneath the acceptable sound barrier directly above them every day reminding them who is the Sheriff of the town no wonder every resident count his days there till he or she manges to fight his way to Darfur or scape over the lake west to Senegal or cross Libya and the Mediterranean on a raft to Europe for the lucky soles.

Contradict to the image mentioned above Chad is an oil producing country but not for its people,and the presence of the Sheriff-France mirages there is not for to keep law and order in fact they don't give a flying monkey if all its inhabitant disappear overnight, they are only there to protect its oil "investment" and its no investment but a day-light robbery of the poor resources guaranteed by the world bank,and the reader should forgive me for this angry instant Journalism in response to worrying news development today on Bashir ICC indictment and in not to dig deep about the stinking French dealing there and you won't need to see this before your eyes or to Google far to get your stomach turned up-side down. this why we think where ever France go in Africa death follow thanks god we don't do French.

Now did you get where Mr Williamson fit in all this? again you will be surprised to know the oil companies in Chad that the French-Sheriff trying to protect are nothing but Mr. Williamson the The US majors Exxon-Mobil and Chevron Corp and the Islamist favourite Malaysian Petronas!! see how these true Axis of evil interest's got involved!! no wonder?

So we are not surprised by the sudden change of heart of Mr "president for life" Idriss Deby twisting JEM hands for another job in Abyie! or the turned down offer to fly to Doha to meet Al-Bashir,but for us now we know the French Foreign policies is nothing but are like the immoral thieve pickpocketing the starving tormented Darfuri in the same time pretending to offer them help.

And for Mr Williamson we know Al-Bashir in these days will sell his pants never mind Darfur, but Mr Williamson you won't have Darfur oil or Abyie, neither a drop of its resources long as you deal under the counter so thanks but no thanks.

For the American right activist now Anyone want to talk about Darfur blight??..Shame.

Hatim El-Madani*

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