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We can Shield off Ocampo and his Likes when United by Ahmed Al Bahi
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Jul 24, 2008 - 9:30:45 AM

We can Shield off Ocampo and his Likes when United

It is to be clearly understood by the whole world that Ocampoís indictment of Sudanís President and his demand for arrest warrants from the penal of ICC judges were illegal and politically motivated.

Legal experts nationally, regionally and internationally agreed that it is a political decision which comes in coordination between USA and the ICC and that Ocampo is a mere tool to implement the programme of his masters.

Whenever there is a sign of progress in the Darfur issue all are agree that Ocampo is thrown into the field to create a false impression that serious breaches of human rights are committed so that the secret agenda of USA and ICC against the Sudan is carried out. The prosecutorís indictment and demand for arrest warrant for the President falls in this line.

It is also a known fact that the Sudan is not a party to ICC and has categorically refused its establishment in the year 1993 fearing that it might be politicized and misused and now it is proved that Sudan was right.

Today what the Sudan predicted 15 years ago has become true and unfortunately it is being applied on it. The prosecutorís moves also violate the ICC procedures as he has not come down to Darfur even for five minutes to collect the data that he claims are the reasons for indicting the President.

The consequences of ICC action against the President as the national as well as the international media described is a serious step that will cause great danger to the stability of the whole region not only in Sudan.

Why should ICC and UN accept Ocampoís verdict which is based on hearsay since he lacks the actual evidence because he cannot prove beyond any doubt his allegations to support his decisions to issue the indictment order. It is puzzling that before Ocampo could go on air with his indictment announcement, the whole fiasco had leaked to newspapers like the Washington Post. It is also ridiculous that the western media is playing low profile by not questioning the validity of the facts Ocampo claims to have while it is a known fact that he did not see the situation on the ground in Darfur.

Because of the ambiguities of the whole scenario, what is now needed is a unified stance from each of African Union, Arab League, other national, regional, international and civil society organizations to challenge this bogus legal step because if it is left unchecked today it will be tomorrow in the door-steps of other African and world leaders.

In Sudan where justice and not kangaroo type of action is needed there is a demand for creation of a unified front to be established by all political parties to defend the sovereignty of this country and to collectively find out a speedy solution to the Darfur problem so that we can keep away Ocampo and his likes from meddling in our international affairs


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