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Was Dr. John Garang Assassinated?/Daniel Deng Monyde,
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Jul 2, 2007 - 1:39:50 AM

Was Dr. John Garang Assassinated?


The recent statement made by H.E. The GOSS Minister of Roads and Transport, Mrs Rebecca Nyandeng, the wife of the Late Dr. John Garang Demabior, during an interview in Nairobi cannot at all be taken lightly. She bravely stated, as one speaking from an informed position, in the interview, that her husband was assassinated and that she could not disclose the people behind the assassination because of the unity of Southern Sudan . Pondering closely between the lines of her statement, it is explicitly clear to her that the people behind the assassination of our late father and Hero, Dr. John Garang, are Southerners.


So, the inevitable question that lies before us here is, who are the people behind the assassination of Dr. John Garang? and what was their motive?


Is it possible that he was assassinated because of power struggles, which actually existed, and that some of people behind his death are those in the current Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS)? Is it the reason why Miraya FM in Southern Sudan is currently not operational because it aired the information about the interview of H.E Rebecca Nyandeng? It remains a mystery, with several questions that can only be answered by H.E Rebecca Nyandeng.


However, the Committee of inquiry into the causation of the Death of Dr. John Garang blamed it on the weather and the pilot.


Nevertheless, notwithstanding the foregoing, she could be right because it is well known that the late Dr. John Garang had several enemies especially in the Bahr el Ghazal region. In fact, upon the knowledge of his death, some people in the said region celebrated.


Therefore, instead of leaving the whole world in suspense, after having given a clue about this mystery, its better for our mother, Rebecca Nyandeng to reveal the truth that will inevitably be exposed one day.



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