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War against drugs by Fisal Alnour
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Sep 18, 2008 - 9:14:01 AM

War against drugs

The Ministry of Interior has revealed statistics on drug taking students.

The statistics represent a dangerous indication that the percentage of drug use in the capital has increased by 80% amounting to about 5,000 drug users. Director of Drug Control revealed, in a seminar on drugs use amongst students,

that Khartoum State consumes alone 80% of the drugs pointing to the existence of 5,000 consumers inside Khartoum. The Ministry spokesperson stated that 19 tons of hashish were seized during this year and 8248 cases were registered including 146 against women and 97 against students and 40 against children.

The most significant figure in the statistics is that 801 cases were registered against foreigners. The statistics revealed that 20% of the drugs users are secondary school students.

The above mentioned statistics on the increase of drug users amongst women and students necessitate reviewing all the conditions within the families to find out the real reasons leading women and students to this dangerous practice. The increase in drugs users amongst students should be dealt with seriously through awareness within the family then the school administration should strictly follow up any absentees.

The most important step is to adopt the policy of stopping drug use before it starts.
The goal of prevention is to stop the substance being used before it ever begins and this could be achieved through multiple sectors of society parents, schools, employers, communities, and the media to help youth in particular take a stand against drugs.


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