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Feb 19, 2007 - 5:09:46 PM

As a Southern Sudanese who was four years of age when the the 20 and something year war broke out between the SPLA / M, and the northern government and have experienced its horrors, is wondering now when I hear  northern Arab leaders, crimminal politcians of their various family parties and most of the Arab world calling for the "Unity" of sovereign and independednt sudan. Hearing this 'call', I recall their atrocities and havocs of not distant past against Southern Sudanese. Always these quetions come to my mind.
Who armed and sent Baggara tribe militia forces to south to terrorise, kill, destroy, loot and abduct our children into slavery?
Who declared JEHAD against the whole south (not SPLA)?
Who asked for Arab nations to contribute their money, men and weapons to destroy the south (not SPLA)?
Who called in China to help in clearing out innocent civilians from their land by using chemical and advanced weapons on them in Upper Nile State for the stealing of our oil?
Who blackmailed Darfurians and Nubians that South Sudanese and not SPLA, were fighting against Islam?
There are endless questions to ask that no books can contain them.
Arab Northerners and war mentors should think and reconsider twice before calling for the Unity of Sudan. You cannot wage JEHAD against your own citizens, and which is a big mistake ever committed by the Arabs in their history of Sudan, and then call for Unity when defeated. Arabs are now calling what they should have done first instead.
If north, or INQAZ were fighting SPLA / M rebellion in the south, there was no need whatever the circumstances were, to call for HOLY WAR, which at that time brought barbaric and murderous MUJAHADEENS from Indonesia, Middle East and north Africa to wipe out native Sudanese. The Arab north could have not armed Baggara who wrought an unforgiveable catastrophies, suffering and long lasting miseries upon native Sudanese.
What I can advise to fellow Arab Northerners is that, Sudan had ever been united since you invaded and occupied it and at this junction, after you have bathed us in clean crystal blood, let us give a try to Separation as in footsteps of Germany, or the two Koreas and inshallah after another twenty years we call for Unity.
Our brothers in INQAZ-NIF and nomadic Baggarians must not maintain their grip on Abyei that it is part of the north and at the same time call for Unity. This is incredible for average Southerner to fathom. I wonder why this rape when the word 'Abyei' is a native name. How can you take what you don't have its name in your own language? NIF must know that, CPA on which you indulge and cunningly call upon fake Unity was not for comprehensive peace which you have pinned all your devilish hopes. It was brought about by our intelligent leaders for calm, manoeuvering and wakeup call for all indegenous Sudanese to take back what was once theirs. CPA, to my own opinion is an extension for Comprehensive War, CW, which will not be fought in jungles as before, but in cities, after which we can talk about CPA. If Arab Northerners discard their machinations, I think there will be no chance for CW.
To make Unity attractive and at least appealing to Southerners and all marginalised areas including Darfur, let go of Abyei, otherwise all good documents and rehorics in the air will all be a talking of winds. Arabs labyrinths of horrors and atrocities they committed against Southerners and which are still vivid in many minds and hearts will not bring Sudan lasting peace-CPA and Unity, if they can happen by miracles, but they need to admit and acknowledge their war crimes. Arabs must apologize to South Sudanese. Apologise for JEHAD you declared on Southerners in 1990s. Apoplgise for arming Baggara against innocent Dinka and Nuer civilians.
Make life easy for all native Sudanese. Give natives whatever is leftover of thier wealth you are stealing. You have luxuries while the natives live in sack makeshifts outside what you call- Arab cities. Natives die using public transportations while you change uptodate model cars like Jalabeyias.
You have corrupted natives heritages, like calling Sudanese Gum, Gum Arabic as if the tree that produces it was brought by you from Arab paninsula during your salt trading. Calling our fish, Samak EL Arabi as if God did not created it and put it in our water bodies in the Sudan. You changed our rivers and routes to Bahr El Arab as well as DHereb El Arab.
Change all these to make Unity Attractive. Reform the media. You use national information outlets to air your religious coverings and exclude ours, ours that you call Pagan religion. Reform all national institutions to reflect all diverse Sudanese walk of life. Separate all religious issues from state and national symbols. Remove BESEM ALLAH RAHMAN RAHEEM from all natonal bearings and codes of arm. Respect Sunday as you have imposted and forced South Sudanese to respect Friday, a thing almighty God who created the days has not done. Tell your government missions in the Arab nations to tell their governments to respect and treat South Sudanese in their countries as they do North Sudanese. These are avenues that will make Sudan remains united, and which I think has robed you of rest and sleep.
Don't extract Southern oil without consent of their leaders concerned.
A good, hospitable and strong nation is not conquered, separated from without, until it has destroyed itself from within.
Mack Awer Riak
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