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UN and Child Rights by Ahmed Al Badri
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Aug 2, 2008 - 10:46:02 AM

UN and Child Rights

In a past article I tackled the positive reports in child rights in the country according to the report published and distributed in this regard by the National Council for Child Welfare in coordination with UNICEF and Save the Children (Sweden) and the strict spelling out the CPA and Interim Constitution articles in this regard, together with the UN charters and conventions in the issue.

Needless to say that the UN Charters and conventions issued on the child rights since its establishment up to now stipulate that child rights should be respected and stressed on the necessity of protecting children from all physical and psychological violations or harms.
But despite that fact, the UN and the international community are very reluctant in their response to the Sudanese government's request to press on the rebel armed movements to release the abducted big numbers of child soldiers and return them to their families.

We well know that the UN and the international community have the mechanisms and tools to deal with the issue and return those innocent children to their families.

It is surprising that the international community attacks Sudan and issues arrest warrants, besides accusing Sudan in human rights violations and at the same time the same international community doesn't want to condemn the rebel armed movements for their violations of the international charters and conventions on child rights.

We all know that JEM recruited child soldiers at the age of less than 10 years and that has been evident from those children arrested in the recent JEM sabotage attempt on Omdurman.

Coinciding with UN charters, President Al-Bashir pardoned those child soldiers involved in JEM sabotage attempt and now they are on their way to their families and schools.

Sudan stance towards those children represents a clear message to the international community that Sudan respects human rights especially child rights.
We urge the UN and its agencies to reconsider its position and respond to Sudan's request in releasing those innocent children abducted by the rebel movements.




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