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The very new message of Change by Keysar Abbker
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Nov 13, 2008 - 9:34:48 AM

The   very   new   message   of   Change

Unfortunately   , many    intellectuals   in   our Arab   countries   on   the   scale of   Mahmed  hassanien   Hayckl    are too  pessimistic   about   the ď Obama AudacityĒ. It    seems   very   weird    isnít   it?   NO   itís   not , first    before   we   come   to   any   kind   of   pass   judgments ,   we   need   to   know   how   much   these   intellectuals   ,   really   fitting   to    the    political style   life of   Today ? I    mean   by   that    Does   they   ever   test  the   Vote Button ,   simply   do  they   connected   to     the   vision   of new   generations ?   you   see   , environmentalist  like   Algore     who   says:   itís   time   to   use   Internet   for   the   purpose   of   protecting   environment , Obama   has   made   the   difference    in   politics , entirely   by    using   it . Actually,   not   the   internet   itself   does   that   ,   but    the   users   have   done   that ď   unbelievable   changeĒ..

  But   always   we   have to   remember ,   that   there  are some   must   have   to   convince   people   to   stick   by their   dreams   or   beliefs,   and   itís   very   obvious   that   our    current   societies     tend   towards ď   well   organizedĒ system , if   just   you   look   how   bloggers   working out ,   so   any   place   you   enter   you   will   be encountered   by   an   open   mindset, itís    totally   amazing!   Some   think   that   Today   generations   all   completely   are   ignorant    thatís   turn   up   to   be    not very   smart   perception! Also    that   may   be   one   of   main   reasons   of   Mr   Mcain   failure..

 This   generation   knows   exactly   what   to   do   when   it   comes   to   Big   decision ,  like ď   Safe DarfurĒ   or Obama 08Ē. Then    knows   which   page   should   be   to   open   and   read ,   we   used   to   start   from   A to Z   EVEN if    the   stuff    is   not   necessary.. to   today   very   easy   to   pick   the   good   choice   among   many..   Because    no    one   could   dominate   information ..   Itís   not    fixed   in   head   of    Encietien   or   Granboboo   ,so   no more   misleading .

But    the   thing is   that   , there   are   many   of   those   Old   viewers   still   believe   that   all things   must   be     under   control   , itís    simply   impossible. So   , when    they   insist    to   orient   new   generations   by    a single   mind , people   will   say   Okey, better    listen   to   the   ringtones   of Nokia mobile , or   just   have   popcorn   instead   of   watching   these   misleaders   in front of   them    these   old   fashioned   politicians,  and   religious gurus   , think   of   this:   we   are   sacred   family so    no shame   if   people  go on their    knees   to   ask   something   or show   respect!   has  stated   by   some   such   as   Alsadg   Almahdi,   leader   of   nation party ď Hezeb AlomaĒ    and  a graduate   of   Oxford   who   promise   the   nation   to   shift   them    from   clan system   to   renaissance    during Sixties   they    called    him   Renaissance Man   of   Sudan   , but   after   many   ins   and   outs   you   always   see   the   same   face   in Charge !

   But   if   you   heard   the   language   of    General   Al   basher  you    will     imagine   yourself    inside   Night Club,   or   ď MinderaĒ.. lick    my   shoes   , France , US .. Does   he   want   to   genocide   words   also   Ö not   easy   to    have   communication   when   someone    use   the   tong   for cleaning   not   as   a key    to   communicate , but   as   apple   polisher ,   in   this   case   they   missed   the   target   ..   No words   to   say   even   Hello   Obama ! itís    easy   word   than   Bush , isnít   it?

But   when   Mr   Hassanein   Hayckle ,   whom   seem   to   be    introduced   as   The   No 1 Strategist   in   Arab   World ,   he   came   to   conclusion   about the   historical event   in   Us    itís   mere  Hollywood   movie ,   so   he ď ObamaĒ is   not   political leader   he   is   just   poor   movie   star ,   he   is   not   the   powerful   president   on   planet   ..   he   is   weak    just   the   weakest   one   in   the   history   of   US , so   you   need   someone    like   CHikago bulls , bombarding   machine? If   not   with me   100%   he   is   an   canít   not    gain   any   thing   by   this   strategy..this   man     he says   Barak Obama   is    nothing but   another slave   when   he   repeatedly   says   poor   Obama , Black   everywhere   are   happy   ,   no   this   is   not   the    fact   no   see   this   man   by   his   color   he   succeed   to   sell   for   us   good   ideas   and   hopes   that   make   the   impossible   possible   all   over   the   world , no   concentrate   on   color   Today   only   those   with   some   illness , because   we   getting closer    and   closer   making   us   to   know   everyone   better , we   have   to   come   out   from   Desertification System ,   everything   has   began   to   change    to   reach   the   truth ,   I    surprised   that   most   furious   people   of   this   change   are   religious leaders   it seems   they   are   the   most   to be   afraid   form   the   reality   of   truth   which   is leading   by TechEye.

Keysar   Abbker

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