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The truth behind the African Union Proposal for Darfur crisis settlement. by M.Ahmad Moaz,-Bahrin.
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May 4, 2006 - 3:14:00 PM

The truth behind the African Union Proposal for Darfur crisis settlement.
All were astonished and took by surprise when the African Union(AU) announced its strange and pro-Sudanese Government proposal to end the dispute between the rebels and the Sudanese Government. This is because the so named proposal actually fulfilled the Government needs to get away with its crimes and atrocities in Darfur ,and it will save its pride which has been badly humiliated and smeared in that region.
But if we understand the nature and the reputation of the AU secretary ,and even its President, in whose Capital the negotiations is taking place, then it will be obvious why such proposal must emerge from this Union. Africans officials in general, and these two figures in particular ,are well known of their corruption and accepting bribes no matter what the issue will be or how much money or items they will receive.
And if we understand that the Sudanese government is using the Oil income to bribe and to lure its opponents ,especially those who carrying guns, then the picture will be clear and sharp.
So ,in reality this proposal which the Sudanese government immediately agreed to sign from one side, is actually cooked in its own kitchen ,and the Secretary of the AU is only the "waiter" who deliver the food to the customers. He must have been so wealthy by the time he sponsored this dead proposal. Just we need to check his bank account to verify this.
African officials are notorious of seeking wealth by all means ,even if that will harm their people and countries ,and history is overwhelmed by such stories and examples. We all know how ex presidents when thrown out of power spent the rest of their lives in their palaces which are scattered all over the world.
Lastly, it is no wonder why the country where the negotiations taking place is always at the top of the "most corrupted Governments" for many years, replaced only by the Sudanese Government recently.
It is almost impossible for the Abuja talks to proceed with the presence of the Secretary of the AU and with the Au being the mediator.
M.Ahmad Moaz,

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