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The hidden massacre of Sudanese Darfurians in Chad by Khaleil Ibrahim
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Feb 1, 2009 - 1:23:28 PM

Dear in Sudan Tribune, Sudaneseonline, please kindly publish this article to reveal the gross violations of human right committed by JEN Khalil


The hidden massacre of Sudanese Darfurians in Chad by Khaleil Ibrahim and his representatives


On the first of January 2009, Khaleil Ibrahim Mohammed the leader of the so-called “Justice and Equality Movement” that operates in the buffer zone between Chad and Sudan where his army structure is combined of all races and Tribes of Darfur, and their priority target is to overcome the Khartoum’s regime, but the reality is Khaleil Ibrahim Mohammed’s political tacts is to maximize Zagawas power ignoring the rest of Darfurians who fight for him, by creating and broadening a land for Zagawa, and also creating Zagawa’s existence in Sudan and in Darfur in particular as they seen by the majority of Darfurians and Sudanese as Chadian roots as their history do say so.  


Also on the other hand Khaleil Ibrahim Mohammed is trying to attract Darfurians of Sudanese origins into his movement instead of just Zagawas to cover up that “Justice and Equality Movement” can be seen as a Sudanese movement instead of a Chadian one, also hides the fact that this movement is completely based on a Chadian Ideology, and also supported by Chad and led by Chadian roots.


For the above political reasons Khaleil Ibrahim Mohammed and his representatives planed to keep all the possible political appointees in his army structure to his Tribe Zagawa.  Therefore other non Zagawan Tribes in his army Meidob, Massaleet, Berti, Tunjur, and others raised a complaint letter to Khaleil in order to look at his appointment procedure again, after a meeting with his representatives they decided to disarm any of army member who is non Zagawan and they refuse to do so as this is logically impossible, therefore he ordered to get rid of anyone who is a non Zagawan so the battle is started between his troops,since then hundreds of Meidob, Berti, Massaleet, Tunjur and others no one knows how many are massacred, injured, detained as it took place in a Chadian territory of Um Jurus.


Therefore Khaleil Ibrahim Mohammed and his Zagawas are not actually fighting to rescue Darfurinas from Khartoum’s regime instead they are using and deceiving other Darfurian Tribes to fight for them to achieve their goal, because his own Tribe Zagawa cannot fight for him, and when the power sharing comes khaleil finds a way of getting rid of all who is non Zagawa (his Tribe) so all the sensitive power gained to his own relatives (Zagawa) and to Chadians to control Darfurian.  


What happen this time is, he took all the other Tribes that he should get rid of them to Chad in order to prevent information being leaked out for international organisations and to deny access to international investigators, with the knowledge of the Chadian President Idris Deby and massacred, tortured, detaind hundred of Meidob, Berti, Massaleit, Tunjur, and others, Khaleil Ibrahim Mohammed the Zagawan leader of Chadian origin playing a game of political tactics  which he is not an expert on and covered up the massacre to avoid sensitive information being leaked out of Chad to be in a blame scenario with the Chadian President Idris Deby and left hundreds of relatives of his massacred, tortured, detained individuals in an unknown destiny in a Chadian territory.




As one of the massacred Tribe member just letting Khaleil Ibrahim Mohammed to know that no matter how long it will take you to explain this very urgent matter  locally and Internationally under international conventions you are abided to release the number of deaths, injuries, detentions, torture of each of the above Tribes we will take the necessary steps that set by the International Criminal Court against inhumanity and forward and application to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other related organisation in order to assess the unreported human loss that occurred on 01.01.2009, no matter how long it takes these individuals do have families and relatives, up to now Meidobies are 257 individuals recorded in JEM therefore I would like say to Khaleil Ibrahim Mohammed, Gibreel Ibrahim Mohammed  the Asylum seeker   in London and their representatives and also the Chadian President Idris Deby who by knowingly allowed this massacre to happen in Chad where is Khaleil’s safe heaven, the destiny of the people it’s not over yet Chad also supports the “Justice and Equality Movement” militarily because the JEM leaders are a Chadian roots with a Chadian ideology.




Khaleil  Ibrahim Mohammed also needs to explain the following:


1.     Why this massacre took place in Chad instead of Sudan , if this massacre is not planed in advance?


2.     Why order to disarm Tribes that are non Zagawan’s in Chad ?


3.     Why this massacre took place only on the day of appointments of military ranks?


4.     Why the Berti Tribe of your own army decided to join the Sudanese government on the 01.01.2009 which is the same day, and sign a peace a agreement with their weapons and trucks where they should be fighting a against the Sudanese government if this not mean that they don’t want to disarm to be slaughtered by your regime?


5.     Why all the sensitive and senior positions in the Justice and Equality Movement that you lead are held by Zagawan’s (your own Tribe), your relatives and Chadians if you really want to lead multi-racial Darfur?


6.     If not planed why you are not released the deaths, injuries, detentions up to this date and denying it even though you have been asked by many who know your ideology?


7.     What humanity characters do you have that actually better than AL Basheir? Do you forget that you are a former member of AL Basheir’s government? My personal opinion considers you even “worse” than AL Basheir at least he is in the government but what about you even before you come to power? Which you never will, for you to know that Sudan is a multi-racial Country, and also you don’t even actually know what the word “Justice and Equality Movement” means!








It has been a reasonable amount of time for Khaleil to release the necessary information that required by the victim’s families and relatives, so that each family of each Tribe will have a complete picture and access, but the fact he is not released what is required because this massacre took place in Chad therefore if the required information cannot be released then the only solution is an application to the International Criminal Court (ICC) should be forwarded and also to Amnesty International and to other relevant organisations to assess the massacre, by all these Darfurian Tribes that  massacred by Khaleil’s in order to gain more power to Zagawa for a Chadian political purposes and self interest.   


We urge the concerned International Organisations to intervene immediately, the Red Cross, Amnesty International, the United Nations high commission for human rights, and International observers to investigate the massacre of hundreds, tortures, detentions without any delay for these Sudanese Nationals of Darfur for this hidden matter, before other legal matters will follow.




Mohamed Adam - UK


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