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The challenge that faces Sudan diplomacy by John Gordon
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Aug 5, 2008 - 11:43:37 AM

The challenge that faces Sudan diplomacy

  The Sudanese government had decided from the very beginning of the ICC crisis to activate the diplomatic movements from Khartoum which is divided into two lines, the first through Arab League and this one was crowned by a united stance of rejecting the ICC decision.

This was followed by an Arab initiative on the possibility of establishing national courts according to the fact that the ICC is complementary to the national judiciary.

The other line was that shuttle movements of high Sudanese officials to the Arab countries. As for the African frame which was through the African Union it was crowned also by the AU adopting a call to freeze the decision for one year.
According to Presidential Advisor, Dr. Gazi Salah Addeen to Sudan Vision he affirmed that Sudan will work in three axis i.e. the Arab, African and UNSC, to prove that the transfer of Darfur issue to the UNSC was illegal.
Up to now it seems that that shuttle movements were effective but this should be in harmony and through organized channeling of statements to avoid any differences which might be utilized by the hostile parties.
The main issue now is the unification of vision and agreement on a programme to be adopted by all the political forces, because the unification of visions will prevent any conflicts or contradictions.
The success of the Sudanese diplomacy depends on the practical steps to establish the national courts to encourage Sudan's friends all over the world to fully support its stance without any hesitation.

Human rights organization in the western countries have a big role in pressing on its governments, so it should be one of the Sudanese diplomatic agendas by presenting the seriousness of the Sudanese government to develop the Darfur region towards sustainable peace.
The government should utilize the support it found recently from all rainbow political forces in Darfur and in other parts of the country to unify the internal front which is considered as the main factor needed to face any challenges facing Sudan.

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