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The Truth will Remain Glaring by Omar Khalid
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Jul 20, 2008 - 2:19:44 PM

The Truth will Remain Glaring

According to media news, the European Union group was dealt a bitter defeat when it presented to the UN human rights council a draft resolution indicting Sudan of violations of human rights in Darfur. Twenty-five members voted in favour of the African group draft decision, while only eleven members voted in support of the EU decision.

The defeat of the EU decision is yet another indication of how some European countries are still influenced by Western media reports on the Darfur issue. The Sudan government has repeatedly cleared itself of committing any human rights violations in Darfur. And as recent developments in the region have shown, it was the rebel movements that used to launch attacks on civilians. The national Redemption Front in particular, was responsible for all the attacks and counter-attacks that recently took place. Obviously the Sudanese government should respond to these attacks since it is responsible for the safety of citizens. It cannot stand with tied hands in the face of the rebels attacks on villages and their looting of citizens property. If the EU group knows the extent of self-restraint exercised by the government it would not have adopted such a decision if it is really concerned about security in the region. However, we have every doubt that the EU decision is politically motivated. The aim is to instigate the international community to pressure Sudan into agreeing to UNSC resolutions, a policy EU has already been orchestrating with other parties in support of that resolution. Again, the defeat of the European decision simply shows that Sudan is not standing alone in the battle against hostile forces. Thanks to the efficiency of our diplomacy that has continued to victory after another, armed with the truth which will remain glaring irrespective of others attempt to eclipse it.


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