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The Trembling Tip of the Nose!/Faisal Ali Suliman Addabi/lawyer/Doha/Qatar
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Feb 2, 2008 - 10:49:48 AM

The Trembling Tip of the Nose!


On the good old days, when mankind used to own machines, the human being was titled “Omnivore”; any normal man could eat various kinds of meat, grains, vegetables and fruits at breakfast, lunch and dinner!

In that nice age , man was very happy for being placed on top of food chain, the most recent fossils have proved that normal man’s daily food schedule could contain red and white meat such as lamb , fishes and chicken, grains such as wheat, rice and maize, vegetables such as onions , tomatoes and carrots and fruits such as mangoes , oranges and bananas!

In that glorious age, man’s pet vehicle used to gormandize petrol, that fossil fuel derived from plant and animal remains embedded and decomposed million years ago!

Suddenly, major global crises reared their ugly heads, global warming problem, stemming from extreme fuel consumption, was aggravated and huge floods and storms had destroyed all major coastal cities in the world, environmental pollution problem, arising from massive oil consumption, was aggravated and fatal environmental diseases had spread all over the countries without exception, then the mother of all problems cropped up when the global oil reserves started to dwindle rabidly and the price of one barrel of crude oil had exceeded five thousand US dollars!  

As a result of such force majeure event, wheel of international economy stopped rotating and the world found itself facing only two options , either to satiate machines and activate life or satiate human beings and paralyze life, after huge row and proof of the impossibility of satiating machines and human beings at the same time , the former option prevailed over the latter and the world vehemently entered the age of biofuel which can be defined as gas fuel derived from living or recently dead plants or animals!


When the major industrial countries and the developing countries started to extract the biodiesel from animal fats on a large scale, cars, ships, trains and airplanes started to use animal oil derived from lambs, cows and camels, bird oil derived from chickens , geese and ducks , and fish oil derived from whales, fishes and shrimps, then the first world war of nutrition broke out between man and machine and machine had won the battle, major global famines took place all over the world and people were compelled to eat leather belts and  shoes, at the end of the day, man had been stripped of his tile “meat eater” and transformed into " grain , vegetable and fruit eater " !

When the world reserve of animal biodiesel started to dwindle, the major industrial countries and the developing countries started to extract the vegetable oil or the bioethanol from grains, vegetables and fruits, cars, ships, trains and airplanes started to use grain oil extracted from maize, wheat and rice , vegetable oil extracted from carrots, beets and pumpkins and fruit oil extracted from oranges , muskmelons and watermelons , then the second world war of nutrition broke out between man and machine and machine had won the battle again, man invaded ants’ nests in search of hidden treasures of grains, crises of pumpkins and watermelons took place, at the end of the day, man had been stripped of his tile “grain , vegetable and fruit eater " !

The well-fed machines, equipment and robots started to acquire very high rate of artificial intelligence and began to do all hard tasks sometimes on behalf of man and mostly on their own, wonderful generations of thinking, philosophizing and inventing machines had dominated all fields of human work, upon being deprived of phosphorus , the human brain had atrophied , become fibrous and finally stopped practicing creative thinking and became satisfied with running the routine matters of the daily live with matchless stupidity , machines started to own human beings , little by little the age of omnivorous machines had prevailed and at the end of the day, machines succeeded in stripping man off all his nutritious titles and transformed him from " omnivore " into " a mere herbivore " !  

When all population of modern cities on all six continents became herbivores, their vermiform appendices had prolongated, resumed their ancient primitive function and started to digest plant cellulose actively just like vermiform appendices of rabbits, not only this, but also the human body had lost all its strong muscles and transformed into a weasel-like body , the features of the human face had changed little by little and at the end of the day , the human ears had prolongated and the tip of the nose started to shake without stopping!



Faisal Ali Suliman Addabi/lawyer/Doha/Qatar


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