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The Sudanese Unique Social Fabric Can't be Destroyed by Ocampo's Statement by Omar Al Bushra
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Jul 21, 2008 - 9:04:48 AM

The Sudanese Unique Social Fabric Can't be Destroyed by Ocampo's Statement

Ocampo's statements has several dangerous aspects if deciphered and will lead to the time bomb he is trying to make to hit the Sudanese social fabric; as he said in announcing the arrest warrant President Al-Bashir had masterminded and implemented" a plan to destroy three main ethnic groups in Darfur, the Fur, the Masalit and the Zaghawa.

All international observers agreed that what he says is just a kind of irresponsibility and drivel and that his allegation of Sudanese President targeting specific ethnic groups is just an attempt to create a dangerous sedition.
He wanted through nominating specific tribes and ethnics in Darfur as targeted by the Sudanese government, but it seems that he ignored that in Sudan's history during the 50 years civil war in the South no observer mentioned that a specific tribe is targeted or that the war was between tribes or ethnics. It was only that natural clashes between the tribes over the scarce resources and that is documented in the international law expert, and ICC ex-member, Prof. Shalouf when interviewed by this paper's Editor-in-Chief recently. Any thing other than those facts is considered as a kind of exaggeration which targets the Sudanese social fabric.

The observer of the Sudanese map with its various tribes, ethnics and cultures will find that there are intermarriages between the various tribes and ethnics and that the coexistence is the common denominator between that ethnics, and cultures.

In all Sudan's modern history nothing is mentioned about ethnic grudge targeting specific ethnic groups; but to the surprise of the western observers during Naivasha peace talks the Sudanese conflicted parties exchange the serious and harsh negotiations round the negotiation table inside the hall then after they came to an interval or a break outside the hall they exchange warm chats and memories to the extent that you cannot differentiate between who is in the government delegation and who is in the opposition delegation.

The western observers commented at that time that people who are chatting like that how come they are in war! The answer is that peace is deep-rooted in Sudanese life and that all the conflicts do not affect the firm, distinguished social fabric.

Needless to say that the International Criminal Court and its Prosecutor, Ocampo, proved that it is just a stooge for Sudan's enemies.
It became clear that Ocampo's allegations targeted the Sudanese social fabric; but Sudan and its people will prove to Ocampo and those who are behind him that their social fabric will be free from ethnic, tribal or cultural hatred
We call on all Sudanese to continue sticking to the co-existence, peace and unity which are the safety valve and the strong response over anything that targets the nation and its people.



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