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The Paradox of Political Transformation by SPLM Standards. By; Baraj Ayuen
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Dec 16, 2007 - 7:08:11 PM


                                      The Paradox of   Political Transformation by SPLM Standards.

             By; Baraj Ayuen


 Dismissal of Mr. Tilar Deng and Mr.Aleu Ayieny by the president of GOSS and chairman of SPLM,C-IN-C of SPLA, and striping them of all their titles and membership in the movement is quite unfortunate and defeated the purpose of the assumed unity and solidarity of SPLM/SPLA as the reasons given for this move. This is a double check of the King. Salva Kir Mayardit seems to have made a wrong move on the chess-board which led to double-check of his king. No party what so ever can rid itself of some of its most powerful high ranking cadres who command majority of their populace, because of accusations that can never kill a fly. The rightful decision would have come from the Interim National Council of the SPLM,not even the political bureau. It is becoming clear beyond doubt that the Chairman had tilted to the group led by Pagan Amum and others, when he should have maintained his neutrality as the father of all the members of SPLM.

 It is also evident  that the unpopular decision of withdrawal of the ministers from the GONU which nearly sent the south back to war. The hullabaloos and the deafening fuss about Abyie issue  got back to its rightful place the Presidency   as   stipulated by   the CPA. The wisdom we knew in Salva by bringing the other armed groups on board, seems to whither with the advices of non-southerners in the SPLM e.g. Deng Alor Luka Biong, Monsor Khalid, Yasir Arman, Malik Agar. Why is Kir scared of the Americans is not known. If it is for personal arm, the president should be the last to fear death because it is inevitable sooner or later. If it is that the Americans are going to make South a heaven, that’s not true, because you have resources that can make south a heaven only that it is being mismanaged. People of the Sudan and the south should be told what became of Mr.Arther’s case in   which he presented in the GOSS cabinet with details how Mr. secretary General of the party looted the money . It is very dubious why the investigation of the two officials Tilar Deng and Aleu Ayieny lasted only less than a week, while that of Pagan Amum pertaining to embezzlement of peoples funds seem to last for ever.  


The norms in  civil services as well as the parties’ administrations, are obvious. When a board of discipline is formed, the person accused usually has to approve of the persons sitting on the committee to stem out any bias that might emanate from   persons he thinks are nursing grades against them. This what seems to have been the case with Tilar and Aleu. Thus, an exhaustive probing  should have been explored before this serious unilateral decision by the chairman which depicts the lack of democratic transformation in the SPLM and not as claimed by Pagan and his group. Democracy as put by the liberator of the Negros in America President Abraham Lincoln “ The government of the people by the people and to the People shall not perish” which suggest that the people shall remain   for ever, and tolerance and perseverance are the needed code of conduct. Many people in the South think that Kirr is underscoring his mandate as the president by tempering with inalienable   rights of southern people and giving to the dogs. By putting the self-determination at the whims of Pagan Amum   and his clique. If he is unable to carry the aspirations of the people of the south to the logical end, it is high time he disembark the ship now, because the trend he is following might not bring the rocking ship   to a safe docking with those of Pagan and Yasir Arman eating the wooden floor in the midst of the Sea(speech of Salva in Khartoum sigana).

Let me tell you why there is no interest of the south in what Kirr is fostering.

 The clique around our president is made of inexperience guys as Pagan Amum who left the law school in first year and joined the struggle not because of struggle’s sake, but to lauder the tarnished family name because of his fathers’ deed in the shulluk   land, he embezzled party’s money he is very rich now. If he had not been made the secretary General, he would have quitted long ago. He is desperately trying to defeat Salva in   general convention, that’s why he is more interested in the SPLM in the North than in the south. He had of late resorted to forging registrations and elections all over the southern states. Now that there is going to be proper backing by the president, and the Americans to whom he suggested the separation of the two offices( 1ST V/P and the President of GOSS which is already be a breach of the CPA) this is  a public secret all the people in Sudan and outside Sudan know. The be sure of one thing. The losing of election in his home town Malakal by Pagan, and he might resort to killing of people to attain this, or might work so hard to abolish elections altogether. Thus he wants to do like Samson   in Old Testament   that the building falls and destroys the SPLM   and all of the south knowing that he has enough money for a 5-star life style till his grand children. How can the SPLM hopes to win poles at the homes of Tilar and Aleu,their people knowing that they were victimized for speaking their minds that does not culminate to a crime or betrayal of SPLM by all considerations, just like putting someone to death after accusation of murder and the case not tried.

Dr. Monsour is an experienced man and a northerner   and his saliva is running down   like an hungry rodent for the foreign ministry. He had never set a foot in the South during the war, but was always found where ever Dr. John Grang was outside the South. You know why?   He is a friend of the west, and if he managed   to hold that office, he will do away with the self-determination. Thank God president Omar El Bashir rejected him.

Mr. Deng   Alor is from the gray area of the Sudan The Abiey from the Family of Deng Majok who willfully took this part of the South to the North in 1905. Now he wants the southern people to fight his war. He should stick to Abiey protocol and let him please mend the rent between the people of Abiey   by giving chance to other clans. There are fourteen constitutional positions for Abiey, twelve of which are   being   enjoyed by Deng Majok’s family. Look at this.

The covenant between the Dinka Ngok of Abyie and the Maseria was concluded by spilling blood from the two tribes. The blood   was drank by both parties. Now Deng Alor should not deny the Masseria. The Masseria has about 4000 soldiers in the SPLA more than soldiers contributed by Abyei who are mainly officers with no soldiers.  

Mr. Malik Agar left the primary classrooms as a teacher for his own people and not for the south. Therefore should not Mendel into southern affairs. He should be reminded that the war was between the south and north. The CPA has protocols for all. Let him stick to where he belongs. New Sudan idea is a Fallacy.

Dr. Luka Biong who is the mastermind of all the ills that Salva is suffering from. like Deng Alor,  doesn’t deserve what he has now, turning his home into a planning table in Juba with the Americans peering over his shoulders with glasses of beer in their hands to check what pagan is going to say in the press conference or how the speech of Salva is going to be written to ignite a quarrel with president Omar El Bashir the following day. Though he doesn’t drink, it is clear like a passive smoker gets intoxicated with the aroma and induces the mob around the table to seek Salva in the middle of the night   to alter a defeated motion in the ILC or IPB in the previous working day. Now that Abyie protocol had been taken back to the presidency, Deng Alor and Luka Biong   should go home to attract the citizens of Abyei to return home. They should build their houses to protect the land and people instead of making confusion in Juba , Khartoum or elsewhere.

 So Salva is in the den full of northerners and non-southern Dinkas i.e. whose status have to be decided yet. Thus where is the southern interest that can be planed by this group? No problem to have Dinkas in Northern Sudan like you have Acholi in Uganda ,Zande in DRC, Nuers in Ethiopia etc.


Mr. Yasir Arman is a Northner who left the University because not for struggle, but because of communist   wrangling with other parties in which he murdered a student. He is not interested in the Self-determination exercise after all he will not be voting at least to have a say in the south. Thus why would he be very careful about the south?.


 If at all there are people who are eager to   topple the   SPLM chairman, it can’t be Mr. Aleu,Tilar or any of their group, because they were the ones who dissuaded the chairman from the idea of running for president against Omar El basher. I met Tilar in Nairobi recently and was speaking well of the 1ST V/P and he allied our worries because of the conspiracies being hatched against Salva  by a group of persons who call themselves the rightful SPLM and despising others. We are surprised by making Tilar and Aleu as sacrifices at the SPLM’s alter for blessing  those working against the people of Southern Sudan . Tilar and Aleu were known as brave soldiers in the field at the war time. How can they be elbowed out for the sake of the political commissars who spent most of their time appeasing Dr. John Garang and living in hotels in Addis and Nairobi who are now very vocal and crown themselves as peace time heroes. We the members of SPLM and sympathizers alike strongly urge the chairman to preserve the peoples’ unity and reverse the decision by taking it to   the INLC. There is not belittling in your reconsidering of the decision since it is yours and carries the benefit for the people of the south,because Salva is entirely responsible for the decision though. However who those lured him into this, are partly responsible, and might  be seeking a footnote positions in the history of southern Sudan . You are a religious man and must stand by what is good for all. After all the group around you now has no south at heart and some we believe are working hard to dismantle the CPA in favor of New Sudan which in actual fact is a concept of ruling of the Sudan by an African non Muslim an idea cherished by Pagan, Deng Alor   or Malik Agar. But let the south reach 2011 and vote willfully for unity before  getting the country back to war, or uniting the two parts of the country by the wish of a few. Because the way these guys handle the party affairs might skid out of the CPA roadmap and might slip back to square one. These small gods of SPLM put South   Sudan   at   the   edge   of a cliff




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