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The Joke of the Poorly Ambitious Sudanese by Ali Bashir
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Apr 6, 2008 - 7:46:58 AM



The Joke of the Poorly Ambitious Sudanese


A wealthy sect of a terrorist organization published an online advertisement, thru one of its secretly operating websites, seeking religiously motivated fundamentalists who are willing to perform a commando suicide of bombing an American military camp.


The 1st candidate showing-up at the interview was an ANTI-TANKER SUDANESE. ÇáÏÈÇÈíä ) ).The interviewers examined him physically and reported him medically and psychologically fit for performing the aggressive and dangerous operation. He was exposed as well to a doctrinal test to assure his dedication to the dogma of sound ideology motivating him to sacrifice his life for his strong religious believes. He qualified that test.    The interviewers recorded the outstanding marks he has obtained in all involved tests.


Finally, the chief examiner who was the president of the interview panel asked him, what financial reward he was expecting for executing the suicide job??


“One Million US Dollar” he said. “One single cent deducted from this amount, I ‘will tell you frankly I am completely out of the game.”


The president thanked him for his genuine interest and his initiative to be a martyr of his believes and promised him to consider his offer and communicate to him the panel’s final decision.


The next was a PAKISTANI HERO who also qualified all the involved physical and ideological tests. When he was explained about his expectation of the financial reward for the suicide job, he said “Two million US Dollars, one million for intensively recreating and amusing my-self during the forthcoming period until the last minute just before loosing my life in the blast set in the American army’s camp. The 2nd million is reserved for my poor widow-wife who will be missing me tremendously and will certainly need financial support for feeding her 6 orphan children and protecting them from severe poverty and starvation.    


His personal data and tests results were also recorded by the interviewers.


The 3rd comer was an INDINIAN HINDUS disguised in a firmly rigorous and stern Muslim fundamentalist. After qualifying all necessary tests, he demanded “Three Million US Dollar”. The president explained his extreme surprise on the demanded sum saying: “Do not you think that is too much?   Other volunteers had asked for cheaper rewards.”


The man replied confidently saying: “Let me explain to you why I am demanding 3Million dollars, simple mathematical breakdown computation of the amount, One million dollar…….., the interviewer interrupted him saying “ We know, one million for you and one million security collateral for your family , what about the 3rd million???”


The tricky-disguised and shrewd-minded Hindus smiled, nodded his head and commented saying “No my friend, I am not too greedy, one million dollar is quite sufficient for me and my family. I will be extremely grateful to you if you would accept the 2nd million as a reward for doing me a great favor. You will just undertake the job of handing over the 3rd million to the bloody poorly-dreamed Sudanese, spark his motive and spirit and push him to rush to the American camp and burn his flesh into ashes. The idiot victim will be extremely happy to enjoy the use of his one million account credit card and will keep drawing money thru the ATM machines scattered everywhere in his eternal metaphysical life.”


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