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The Ideological Structure of The Conservative Professional Nationalist Party & System by Eng. Tarig M.M.K. Anter,
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Nov 26, 2006 - 11:16:00 AM

The Ideological Structure of

The Conservative Professional Nationalist Party & System


The objective of CPN Party is mainly to establish new political system to ensure just, peaceful and competent participation, transition and development of power, wealth and opportunities for all local nations through integral professional and civic organizations. It shall work to re-organize the local nations in the Sudan into 27 federal units, comprising three independent states. The three federal states shall work together in a Free Confederation of the Sudan as equal partners similar to the EU model to avoid unitary totalitarian state and disintegration into several fragments. The relationships between people and state are shown below:




The Branches/Forms/Authorities of Power to people & State are:

1- The Justice Authority          2- The Legislative Authority   3- The Military Authority

4- The Executive Authority      5- The Labor Authority             6- The Capital Authority

7- The Tribal Authority             8- The Intellectual Authority   9- The Information Authority


The Basic Principles of Conservative Professional Nationalism are:

1-     Equal representation and opportunities for all groups of local nations.

2-     Professional promotion to leadership and continuous popular involvement.

3-     The rule of justice, love and forgiveness.

4-     Recognition and control of all branches/forms/authorities of power.

5-     Respect of national, tribal and individuals human rights.

6-     Intellectual, cultural and political diversity, cooperation and participation.

7-     Empowerment of sectoral civic and professional organizations at local, federal & con-federal levels.


 Eng. Tarig M.M.K. Anter,                                                                          23/07/2006

Khartoum, Sudan,                 [email protected]                     Cell 00249-92 27 25 29 5       

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