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“The Chevron way” the US in open talks with Al-Qaida of Sudan by Hatim El-Madani*
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Jun 10, 2008 - 6:19:47 AM

“The Chevron way” the US in open talks with Al-Qaida of Sudan


The secretive meetings under the disguise of normalizations of relations between Sudan   hardliners from the security services and the US administration came to light before the meeting that held in Rome lately when such plan exposed by the New York Times, and was later followed by another open meeting in Khartoum .

Not surprisingly the Sudanese delegate are led by the head of the security service the infamous Slash Gush and Sudan most hated pretending to be Islamist fundamentalist figure the president right hand man Nafie Ali Nafie. famous by daring others rhetoric and continues incitement of hatred towards the west especially Britain and   the US and his Hitler speeches type throughout what he called   a Jihads “holy war”   in South Sudan and Darfur, documented till recently and in the past with his president in every gathering both issuing high school students with a copy of the Koran and an Ak-47 assault rifles- the proverbial book and sword, encouraging them to became martyrs in the name of Islam and their vision of the “unstoppable worldwide Islamic awakening.”,for them they waged war on their own way, burning villages and killing civilian and abusing follow human beings systematically, where the ethnic cleansing becomes a mere Jihad. Certainly what they did is greater than what Slobodon Milosevic done in Yugoslavia and they still think such accountability to ICC is not applicable to them, never mind the disintegration of the country.

The same individuals whom executed on their holiest month of Ramadan in 1990 the entire elite of Sudan Army and disposed of the rest creating their own fanatics army and hosted and supported Bin Laden and were implicated in the failed Egyptian president assassination in Addis Abbaba in1995 and the masterminding and luring of Carlos the Jackal and exchanging him in a deal with France and hosting every conceivable terrorist groups and everyone that hated what they see as the west infidel and just about anyone who might be or was branded a terrorist by the international community and forging strong sinister relationships with Tehran, Hamas,Hizbu Allah,Al-Jihad groups in Palestine ,Lebanon and Egypt .

Despite all these undeniable records these individuals maintained an unspeakably relationship and role that started   before they size power with elites politicians and business tycoons in the US old Bush-Regan administration era and the CIA, then days in Sudan were the ternary Nimeiri dictatorship, and beside the oil interest Sudan was a close allay to the US during the 80's where both masters and puppets in the Sudan regime was then supported and protected by the US for fear the country may fall prey to neighboring communist Ethiopia and Libya, then also they were double agents and rewarded for their helping role in recruiting the Mujahidin the same islamist now enemy to fight the cold war in Afghanistan against the Soviets,both side despite the enmity always kept the under the counter fighting and dealing in oil exploration in Sudan, before most of the companies involved forced to back up and leave Sudan and so too the Nimeiri regime.

 The whole affair of this relationship none less than lobby's of states sponsored  and supported oil crime, as the Sudanese people found out too late after years of bloodshed.

To learn much about this sham relationship you have to go back to the failed second deal of 1987 where Chevron monopoly agreement to the oil in south Kordofan came under scrutiny by the newly formed Parliament that didn't please the defender of the democratic free world or its crooks in Sudan?!,then its corrupt Mafia didn't had the upper hand, but again these individuals were seen as partners when helped to find another foothold to both Chevron and Exxon Mobil in neighboring Chad with their creation then “president for life” Idriss Deby, and maintained this secretive relationship with the US despite their role in torturing thousands of victims using the then notorious Sept.1983 Islamic “Sharia” law where punishment for pity crimes disgusted the international community and warranted the urgent need to see the end of the regime, and they went underground and survived the anger and call for them to be brought to justice during the upraise of the Sudanese people when the starving people marched to the streets and claimed back their country and overthrow the Mafia and the regime in March-April 1985.

But when this Mafia surfaced later with notorious Islamist group banner under another different disguises ridding free the blind folded Moslem's brotherhood and managed again in June 1989 to topple the newly formed weak democratic government in Sudan and again controlled its people and reintroduces in exchange their rejected extremist “Sahria” laws this time they added to it underground torture chambers known as the “ghost houses” and openly adopted the brainwash Jihads project.

Their continued relationship with the US elites again came to question after the first failed attempt   to blowup the World Trade Center in1993 and the atrocities of Kenya Tanzania embassies bombing in 1998,but after the terrorist act of Sept.11 and the international community demands for full persuade and apprehends of all terrorist masterminds, their handlers in the US CIA gave them new role this time after they agreed or managed to fool them by   handing over low level Al-Qaida operative in the Sudan and offered exchange of information about terrorist groups in the middle east, although it was an open secret that they are acting as double face salesmen for   both Al-Qaida and the CIA   where one of them frequently referred to, during many congressional meetings and in cross questioning as “Our man in Sudan”.

Then came the shuttle travels of Islamist pro-security hardliner from the oil wing affiliate in Sudan to the US last year signaling direct contact between them.

And when the news of the secret meetings under the disguise of relationship normalization came to the open, with the dismay of all Darfur Coalitions groups worldwide the US administration was quick to play down the importance of such dialogue but forced to admit   its dealing with the infamous murderers as the American who engineered the abroad meeting and supposed to be the head of the US envoy(to Sudan) Richard Williamson who also happen to be too surprise surprise from the inner circle of George H. W. Bush and Regan era   who is quick to say “we know we are dealing with bad actors” but he also later admit the meetings was “businesslike”!!. and as I see it, is “the American administration hypocrisy on its glory” it was the final stab on the back of the victims of all Sudan , Darfur , Sept.11 Kenya-Tanzania, London 7/7 ..etc not to mention their own fallen solders on the many battle fields fronts right now, and we are not alone to express concerns Democratic white house contender Barack Obama issued statement saying he was too ”deeply concerned”.

 The move reinforce widely-held suspicions of how these companies formulate US policy, one could only say “a very shameless administration paying back its earlier oil backers at its dying days too”, and whatever the outcome or agreement between the two parties under the stick of the ICC awaited “knock on the door” after the negotiation implementations , now even if   they to handover   Bin Laden too we will still be on our quest to put them before justice like Milosevic, and others who thought they are untouchable.

Although we suspect a deal is already ironed that the US administration are ( schtum ) about it and soon will try to make us forget any pretext it publicised just to control the oil fields not our human misery that we thought Washington was about, judging by the sudden acceptance of the Nepalese and Thailand's troops even when Nafie said once “he would lick his elbow if that to happen” and the gesture admitting by Al-Bashir when he summarised the outcome of the negotiations by saying: “problem with Washington caused by withdrawal of American companies from oil investment in Sudan” he must have been referring unwittingly to his friends1983 dealing!? so for Mr. Williamson   Abyei to become part of his deal trip is not that clever diversion or secret too for the Sudanese people who happen to be suspicious of the dirty role of Edward Lino “another former head of a corrupt intelligence organ in the SPLA” whom we also smell his nasty involvement   in the dirty oil dealing when ignited the killing there coincidently and timely during this visit for the benefit of the corrupt oil war that claimed four millions of our innocents people and wasted habitat as a results of .

Shame on you US not our murderous for they still employing every delaying tactic and will sell everything in Sudan to stay in power and waste our people lives too if that will keep them away from the Sudanese or ICC accountability day.

Its our deed to let the people of Sudan   know treachery and treason are among the highest seats of the land not the enemy they were told to believe is, and if any in doubt should check the scandalous double life those so called Islamist live in and their accumulated fortune in the same countries they advocate to hate starting with these individuals and their personal investments abroad that trusted to relatives holding managements in Britain the US, Japan and on. We  happy to disclose that after the ICC call if the later has integrity too to name the true culprits.

Hatim El-Madani*



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