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Sudanese have a long way to go!/By Sabrino Majok Majok
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Aug 30, 2006 - 11:27:00 PM

Sudanese have a long way to go!

By Sabrino Majok Majok*

Since the so called Sudanís independence in 1956 up to June 30th Regime of al-Bashir/Turabi, local, state, and federal elections had been carried out under heavy security presence and directives. These agents would pre-determined results with favored ones ultimately winning elections, with precisely ďmajority votes.Ē Oftentimes, the winners were Islamists or pro-Islamists whose programs were to suppress and subjugate the masses. And so the marginalized majority of the Sudan continued to suffer, albeit unfairly. One by one, this nefarious scheme was practiced and stage-managed by various political parties, for example, UMMA, DUP, Communist Party, and NIF or National Congress Party. The big brothers joggled the power and wealth of the country--at will--from one group to another for the last fifty years.

Thus the bitter history of injustice and oppression, compelled the oppressed masses to rise against the oppressors beginning with Any-Nya, Nya-Nya II, and finally the mighty SPLM/A, which effectively forced Al Bashir Regime to a negotiating table that gave birth to famous CPA on January 9, 2005.

While SPLM/A was pressing the enemy in Southern and Eastern Sectors, other armed movements joined the struggle in their respective regions, including Beja Congress in the East, and SLM and Justice and Equality in the West. Although there had been a heavy traffic back and forth in support or against the liberators, the overwhelming majority focused their energy and ideas to uproot those who wasted Sudanís wealth, in desperate attempts to keep themselves in power so as to advance their divisive agenda tailored to eliminate anybody with African ancestry backgrounds.

However, with dawn of 2008 elections this oppressive tendencies must be done away with, because CPA and DPA and hopefully a peaceful settlement in the East, will arm the marginalized majority--people of the Land--to reclaim their rightful place in the country and to exercise a long denied rights through a fair, internationally supervised elections virtually two years from now.

Indeed, the upcoming elections will unravel five decades of confusions and dictatorships. As usual, there are lots at stake for 2008 elections. Hence voters need to educate themselves about pressing issues, including North-South border, ABC, National Petroleum Commission, OAGís, implementation of DPA, and security in western and Eastern Sudan. Voters and political parties alike will be debating either they want to keep status quo or opt for a New Sudan of equality, freedom, and justice for all irrespective of region, religion, race, or gender.

The two already signed peace agreements, CPA and DPA, will definitely dominate political discourse leading to 2008 elections. Currently, the National congress Party is at the canter of these agreements, while SPLM and SLM are at either far end of political formation of our country. It must be made clear also that voting for NCP is to keep status quo of oppression, dictatorship and suffering; whereas voting for SPLM is to herald a new beginning of hope, peace and prosperity.

When it comes to CPA and DPA, we must always ask ourselves why they are important milestones in Sudanís modern history?


Although itís too early to completely and accurately analyze DPA, for there is still war raging in West Sudan and the fate of AU forces is yet to be determine in coming weeks or months, people of Darfur have something to be happy about and called it their own. Ultimately and whatever the case maybe, Darfuris will be the ones to determine their fate whether or not they want to be governed by oppressive government or opt for a change by choosing a party that will protect current and future gains. They should not misinterpret the motive of NCP for which it signed the peace. Instead Darfuris should be vigilant and aware that NCP didnít sign peace because it sympathized with them, but it did so under very intense pressure from many quarters, including its key partner, the SPLM. To date, NCP is not happy about and comfortable with DPA, even if it is a party to it. Therefore, for peace to take roots in the Western Sudan, Daruris should exert their utmost political strength to eliminate NCP in the region and replace it with a political party that advocates for welfare of citizens of Sudanese people irrespective of race, religion, tribe, or gender. Judging from current political atmosphere, it will be a gross mistake on the part of citizens of Western Sudan if they vote for NCP for obvious reason. Anybody who cares about DPA and security in Western Sudan has an alternative other than oppressive NCP. And the alternative is SPLM!


Like DPA, peace and security in Eastern Sudan, the CPA will be at the center of all political debates that will ensue before elections, especially in the South Sudan, Nuba Mountains, and Ingessana Hills. As things stand, the two signatories (SPLM and NCP) of CPA are the ones that will be the frontline rivals in regions that are covered by comprehensive peace Agreement. So what does it mean if one party wins or loses over another. Specifically what are the possibilities?

For example, if:

NCP Wins Elections and SPLM loses

God forbids, but this is an ominous possibility. When this scenario comes to pass, the NCP will finally bring CPA to stand still both legally and administratively. For example, as a party that commands a solid majority in the National Assembly, say two-thirds or more, NCP can appoint constitution judges single-handedly, who will in turn trash any legal proceedings that may be brought to their attention in regards to CPA. Second, it can also appoint various commissions which will work for its favor and against stakeholders of CPA. Then by the end of the day, people will no longer talk about delays or slow implementation of CPA, but abrogation proper (although itís not sanctioned by CPA).

SPLM Wins Elections and NCP Loses

However, if NCP loses and SPLM wins elections, the message will be that Sudanese have rejected wars and are embarking on a march to a peaceful, prosperous New Sudan, where all citizens are equal and are guided by rule of law, not threats or intimidation. But defeating NCP requires a collective and nationalistic work by all peace loving citizens of the marginalized peoples in the country as whole, not only those who hail from areas covered by CPA or DPA. Yes, when NCP loses, Sudanese people win, and hence a complete implementation of both CPA and DPA in spirit and letter, and finally a stable Eastern Sudan.
Consequently, if we the marginalized Sudanese want peace and harmony in our country, then NCP must be democratically and peacefully nibbed in the bud. Until that happens, we have a long way to go.

Comrade for Peace is Alive (CPA)

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