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Sudanese Citizen Omer Elbashir's Arrest Is Getting Nearer by Tadjadine Bechir Niam
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Dec 21, 2008 - 6:54:06 PM

Sudanese Citizen Omer Elbashir's Arrest Is Getting Nearer




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The life imprisonment of the mastermind of Rwanda’s genocide,Theoneste Bagosora have proved beyond any doubt that tyrants and dictators will face their natural destiny and end up in prisons if saved from capital punishment. The trial  raised hopes of Darfurian and Sudanese that the victory for the international justice, inditment and arrest of the Sudanese citizen Elbashir ,for crimes of the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity is closer.  




When Darfur movements and international NGOs campaigned for the ICC interference in Darfur , many among them his Excellency's National Congress Party (NCP) supporters laughed and mocked. They thought that the international law is far short from reaching Elbashir; but WE the world justice supporters are confident and believe in the international justice. It seems that we are winning the race.




Sovereignty, peace in Darfur , unity, contempt of Sudanese people and all many unproved reasons and charged given by the NCP backed criminals were rejected. Also efforts to stop, suspend or even delaying of the ICC prosecutor's request for arrest warrant issued on, 16th2008, against Elbashir has not YET given any fruits and likely will not.


The ICC prosecutor and his subordinates have shown and will continue to show a lot of respect to the sovereignty, presidency and people of Sudan ; but that does not mean in anyway ignoring the facts and the crimes committed under the umbrella of the presidency or sovereignty or both.




Regardless of the presidential position, he (Omer) and his war mongering monsters have to clear their hands from the alleged accusations of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity. Elbashir used his presidential powers to destroy our nation and their properties instead of protecting them. Times of escaping indinment and arrest warrant under the sovereignty and presidency has gone for good (The Old World Evils and Practices).




It is clear that Mr. Luis Marino Ocampo, the ICC prosecutor has provided more new evidence showing, proving and supporting his claims of guilty of Elbashir and his perpetrators. The final say of the3 (three) judges is getting nearer.




WE, the international-justice seekers of Darfur, Sudan, Africa, NGOs, distinguished personalities and human rights campaigners know and confident that the ICC procedures is moving slowly but surely; for it well-prepared and advancing step by step gaining more support and ground every day.


Now his Excellency’s (Elbahir) heart is beating faster than any adult's heart for his arrest is looming out and getting closer than any other time before.






Tadjadine Bechir Niam


Researcher in International Affairs and Diplomacy






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