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Sudan’s Bor county leaders disagree on town ownership by Philip Thon Aleu
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Apr 9, 2008 - 8:12:08 AM

Sudan ’s  Bor  county  leaders  disagree  on  town  ownership

Philip Thon Aleu

Bor community leaders – including Jonglei state members of state legislative assembly, ministers, payam civil administrators (CAs) and other dignitaries, disagreed on ownership Bor town payam Sunday April 6 at Bor County SPLM Congress formation.

Makuach Payam member of Jonglei legislative Assembly, whom Bor town is in his territory, say there is no explanation that can convince him.

"Bor town is a Boma within Makuach payam. I hope everyone knows this before, now and forever," Maker Chol Adol told SPLM members who met here (Makuach 20 miles east of Bor town) to elect county chairman, secretary and other staff Sunday April 6.

SPLM members, nominated from various payams to county and state congresses, claimed Bor town payam is independent and solely not under Makuach, an argument Makuach payam intellectuals calls unacceptable.

"Since it is our Boma, we shall expect SPLM nominees to be Makuach citizens," chairman of Makuach payam Alier Ayom said "but we recognize your demands and not all these members shall be from Makuach," he added.

Makuach though nominated one member to county and another one to the state congress representing Bor town payam. Nevertheless the SPLM county members says it is not Makuach’s right to dominate Bor town payam membership.

The issue went pending and a way forward due from a meeting undecided.

Bor town is in Makuach but has an organize administration, Makuach do not recognized. “I told you many to look into this issue many times,” Philip Mabil Duot, Makuach Payam CA told Makuach elders adding that his payam do not recognized Bor town as a payam till thoroughly discussions are made.

The SPLM chairmanship was retained by Bor county commissioner Abraham Jok Ariing who won unopposed and secretary emerged another SPLM veteran, Gai Manyang Dot.

Bor county youth claimed they were cheated by elders when two youthful contestants; Jok Maper Aker and Tuor Majok (former secretary) were asked to clear way for victor Gai Manyang.


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