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Sudan, an independent country by Adil Faris
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Aug 9, 2008 - 9:54:25 AM

Sudan , an independent country

Sudan got independence in 1956 and we are sticking to it. Most foreign organizations are just passing opinions of great powers and seizing every opportunity to breach the sovereignty and dignity of Sudan government. Therefore, it is an open competition to invest any opportunity to transgress Sudan.
UN Secretary General's representative in Sudan Ashraf Ghadi did the same when he came out with an announcement that shed doubts on the uprightness and integrity of justice system in Sudan.

  We know that some countries don't apply death sentences, but even in America the same penalty is executed in 80% of its states. We also know that that there is a controversy about it even in America, but Sudan applies death sentences in accordance with its laws and it has the right to do so like other countries including America.

  We know that Ashraf Ghadi can work as a researcher in the field of criminal justice and circulates his opinions about death penalty, but it is unreasonable for him to use his own opinions against the Sudanese laws.

  On the other hand, his predecessor Bronk desired to depart Khartoum to more calm station so he chose dramatic way to leave. May be Ashraf Ghadi chose the same way to leave.  

  If Ashraf Ghadi thinks that he is Paul Bremer the American former governor of Iraq, we think UN should take a decision to kick him out and replace him by another representative that knows very well his limits.

 UN should understand that Sudan got its independence in 1956 and has no idea to retreat from this status.


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