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Sudan Possesses Huge Oil Reserve by Zaieldeen Abd Allah
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Aug 30, 2008 - 8:02:40 AM

Sudan Possesses Huge Oil Reserve

Minister of Energy and Mining Al Zubair Mohammed Al-Hassan has stated that efforts are being made in the field of extracting oil, adding that Sudanese oil extraction started in 1998 when daily production stood at 100,000 bpd and later scaled up to 470,000-500,000 bpd which, he said, was reflected in the performance of the general budget and services provided for citizens.

In a radio interview he made on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of extracting Sudanese oil, Al Hassan pointed out that Sudan possesses a huge oil reserve that amounts to 6 billion barrels as compared to 80 million previously estimated. He disclosed that work is now ongoing in seventeen blocks and that the geological map drawn up by his Ministry targets scaling up exploration work. He said the company introduced by the Ministry in the oil field has come out with positive results.

  Al Hassan further praised the efforts previously made by former Minister of Energy and Mining, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz in the fields of exploration and increasing the Sudanese oil reserve.

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