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Sudan Does Not Seek to Become US Eager Ally Ahmed Al Badri
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Jul 10, 2008 - 10:56:46 AM

Sudan Does Not Seek to Become US Eager Ally

US Department of State announcement ruling out normalization of relations with Sudan was not surprising. To those who have been following American position was quite expected.
Since the advent of the incumbent regime, US sent a number of envoys to Sudan but no change of policy ensued. US has gone ahead with its unchanging policy, motivated by what appears to be a fixed political strategy.
That American strategy should have been well absorbed by Sudanís foreign policy makers.
Indeed, that strategy targets the orientation of the incumbent regime. Issues like Sudanís human rights record and the Darfur crisis are used as a pretense by US to undermine the regime.
As some believe, whatever steps Sudan takes to normalize relations with US, the latter can hardly reciprocate positively so long as Khartoum sticks to its original line of political orientation.
However, Sudan will not abandon that orientation which emanates from its national decision. Nor would it seek to become Americaís eager ally.
Sudan has established friendly relations with other nations which have a political weight on the international arena. Nevertheless, Sudanís friends have never mixed between its political orientation and the mutual interests that bring nations together.
We, therefore call on our Foreign Ministry to further develop Sudanís ties with other nations instead of releasing confusing statements on the improvement of relations with US whose position on this issue is pre-determined



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