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Stop the Genocide and give the security then peace will come/Hamed Mohamedain Omer
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Jul 11, 2007 - 11:01:36 PM

Stop the Genocide and give the security then peace will come
The most important to focus immediately to stop the Genocide, protect the citizens from the daily killing, there is no peace signed in to Dar Fur   with Arco Mine Many, that was lying and never say peace keeping Genocide people now killing and why there is no UN protection when heard the word Genocide? Now five years and no life to Darfurains, is thatís history or dreaming that people killingÖ? so thanks to both UN and AU force, protect Dar Fur and give the security to those who want to support event the food and drink to Dar Fur Refugees and displaced peoples in camps then after that do true and real peace process, and donít' wait solving the conflict between Government and it's alied Janjaweed, and not Dar Fur's, but Khartoum regime's many rebel groups against Dar Fur, there's no many rebel groups in Dar Fur, those are been created by the Khartoum regime and it's Janjaweed militias calling their selves and notifications that, there are many Dar Fur rebel groups against the fundamental of Dar Fur Sudan Liberation Movement which is commanded by the hero Abdwahed Mohamed Ahamed Nor. Obviously Salim Ahamed is alignment to Khartoum Government and he was denying that there was no Genocide in Dar Fur and Mr. Ahamed Ibrahim Drag is so far apolitical party and his problem with Khartoum regime based on money and he, himself made the mistakes that created the violence for long time ago in Dar Fur and why he did not stop the violence from the early time? Omer Al basher wants gives him all Dar Fur wealth that kept against Dar Fur since Gaffer Nemari's Khartoum regime and now days want to play cards with Omer Al basher and their militias to solve the dilemmas. Lastly and clearly only waiting the UN force inter Dar Fur to stop the genocide and to take those people who replaced Fur Lands, then after that sit for peace talk in Dar Fur, where more than 400,000 people have been killed and more than 2 million others displaced from their homes and now those war crime still killing acting the Genocide. Tripoli, Libya, on the Dar fur peace process is only dramatically role play now and not real Dar Fur peace process like that way.
Hamed Mohamedain Omer
Mobil: 0182613295
Sudan liberation Movement
Cairo , EGYPT .


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