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Stepping Out of Naivasha Paradise By: Abd Al Mahmoud Al Koronkai
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May 5, 2008 - 1:28:28 AM

Stepping Out of Naivasha Paradise


By: Abd Al Mahmoud Al Koronkai


When Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) signed the Naivasha Peace Agreement, the movement thought it had entered the paradise forever. SPLM did not expect elections would come and kick it from this paradise to the unknown.

Conducting census on the defined date means that elections would be held on the proposed date. The behaviour of SPLM is a clear indication that the movement fears the outcome of this census and elections. The results of the census would put the SPLM in its real size and will give it the suitable share in wealth according to the real political weight. SPLM gained false and illusionary political status through foreign support with money, weapons and political support.

The elementary census conducted under the supervision of the United Nations indicated the gloomy future for SPLM. The general elections will force SPLM to face the reality of its number of supporters in the south. SPLM will face that harsh reality in the presence of the international community that will monitor the elections. To avoid that destiny SPLM resorted to delays and not fulfilling the obligations.

According to Naivasha the census was planned for November 2007 but the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) urged the Presidency of the Republic to postpone the census to February 2008 and that was accepted. When that date came again the GoSS asked the federal government to delay the census to April 2008. In November 2007 SPLM agreed that census form will not include questions about race and religion. On April 12 the First Vice President Silva Kiir addressed the southerners and urged them to fully participate in the census noting that the data collected will be used for development programme and in wealth division. However on the same day the GoSS cancelled the census in southern Sudan . This cancellation is a new severe violation for Naivasha Agreement.

SPLM has no interest in organizing elections on time because it will loose the benefits that it had gained through Naivasha Agreement.

SPLM fears the coming elections and for that reason it has started to behave in immature way and due to its failure in achieving development in the south it has no supporters there any more. The national census will kick the SPLM out of Naivasha paradise soon.



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