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Steady Stance and Flexibility in Movements by Ahmed Al Bahi
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Aug 4, 2008 - 9:11:22 AM

Steady Stance and Flexibility in Movements

Shuttle movements and contacts are taking place in the UNSC corridors to find a way out from the crisis created by the ICC Prosecutor General by his arrest warrant for the Sudanese President.
The Sudanese steady stance rejecting any dealing with the ICC will not change and there is not a single reason to change it.
However, the regional and international forces have their right to side whatever they find serving their interests.
Sudan, as expressed by President Al-Bashir owns its genuine VETO when it comes to its sovereignty and dignity.
Others, even if they are sisterly and friendly states, cannot be blamed for their assessments towards dealing with the crisis.
As for those who are trying to convince the UNSC to suspend looking on Ocampo's report, they aim at giving the international organization time to reconsider the situation and concentrate on the peaceful settlement for Darfur issue bearing in mind that the main mission of the UN is to achieve international peace and security.
Needless to say that going forward towards ICC process is considered the biggest threat to peace and security.
If the attempts to suspend the ICC procedures succeeded, that doesn't mean that Sudan will retreat and deal with that dubious court. Sudan is sticking to its fundamental stance calling for the cancellation of all the ICC procedures against any of its citizens and that stance will never change due to the postponement of Ocampo's decision.
Sudanese diplomatic movements require flexibility and understanding to the realities, besides courageousness in dealing with the negative stances.
All these need discipline, and coordination in the political and media addressing the issue. That could not be achieved unless the officials and the civil society spokespersons come together and coordinate in unity that can best address the issue.
In our current crisis we need to unify our address to the world and to refrain from unstudied individual diligences.


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