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Statement on DPA Second Anniversary by Abdel Gabar M. Dosa
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May 7, 2008 - 3:42:15 AM




Statement on DPA Second Anniversary


On May 5th 2008 the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) marked its second year. SLM is greatly concerned over the slow implementation of the agreement, and the continued volatile situation in Darfur. After two years, the implementation is still below the modalities agreed upon. SLM has taken a courageous step by signing the agreement and reside with peace; unfortunately the leap it planed to make is impeded by others. SLM has showed great political, mutual, as well as moral will to bring about a lasting and sustainable peace. However, our partner's contribution including the Government of National Unity and the International Community was far below the requirements of peace. Failure to honor the commitments made, created many obstacles to SLM efforts and plans to encourage and engage in a genuine dialogue with the non-signatories in order to bring them under the peace umbrella.


SLM supports strongly the conduction of the third Sudan Consortium, in which a closed session to enhance efforts towards sustainable peace in Darfur is conducted however, SLM as the genuine signatory of the DPA expresses its disappointment on not being invited. We listened carefully to the statements addressed. DPA was completely excluded, although the UNAMID existence in Darfur is based on the DPA. Failure to achieve significant progress on the implementation of the DPA, and the pullback signals from the International Community in various occasions   and events constitutes a disastrous strike to the significant step taken to reach a just and lasting peace in Darfur and Sudan. What is happening in Darfur is decisive for the implementation of the CPA and the political future of Sudan including the ongoing census and the upcoming elections.


In his Press Conference held in Khartoum two days ago, the SLM leader Mr. Minni Minnawi, the Senior Assistant to the President, President of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority, he re-affirmed his commitment to peace. He confirmed that reaching a comprehensive peace in Darfur requires mutual and political will, as well as full engagement and support of all parties and stakeholders. He pointed that good agreement is not enough, but implementing it is the challenge, and the great responsibility falls on the government.  However, he expressed clearly his frustration, and fears that sustainable and lasting peace is still far away.


The Suspension of D-Jam has resulted in a negative impact on the expectation of the people in Darfur to peace dividends. SLM supports the resumption of the process and the establishment of Darfur Community and Security Fund, and look forward for the Fund to be channeled through the DPA mechanisms, such as Darfur Reconstruction and Development Fund (DRDF). A balance between the humanitarian aid and development is an urgent step and of paramount importance.


The initiative taken by the SPLM to unify Darfur movements is a commendable step that needs to be backed by an International campaign and a re-structuring of the mediation process. A successful cessation of hostilities, functional ceasefire, and sustainable peace requires full implementation of the DPA and broader participation throughout the process.  


Abdel Gabar M. Dosa

Secretary of Political Affairs

Oslo , Norway - May 7th, 2008  

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