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Statement from the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army concerning the coming back of the splitters to the Movement by Nimer Mohamed Abdelrahman.
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Oct 22, 2008 - 5:50:04 PM

Statement from the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army concerning the coming back of the splitters to the Movement.


When the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army under the leadership of the chairman Abdul Wahid El Nur a adamantly rejected unification initiatives by the outsiders reasoning that the Movement had it’s own robust and well- laid plans, to bring every keen and sincere splitter back to the ranks; we had been undoubtedly taking sense. The recently coming back of the field commanders which took place on 14th of October 2008 under Tarni declaration led by Col.Jabir Mohamed Hassab Allah, and Salah Mustafa ( Bob), was the Movement’s practical answer and antidote to those who are raising dust and criticizing that SLM/A was refusing unification and the movement’s rationale in rejecting the role of  most outsiders was “ we don’t want a mediation whereby the mediator’s real intention was to create circumstances to suit his own purposes or his ulterior motives rather than genuine unity; thus we know who is who and nobody can claim knowing our house better than us”.


And it is worth mentioning here that we are not ” claiming perfection or a top- notch but we are doing our historical, exact and full duty to see to it that every ex-comrade who has the interest of the people at heart and never strayed from the correct path will join the ranks soon; and it was not an exaggeration to say that, it’s the SLM/A chairman’s uncompromised stands which radiates like a brilliant gem to bring the rights of the people letting the masses and the troops rallying behind him, regardless of every thing because he had proved his stuff  as a leader who will never sell them out thus our admiration for him is without limit and those who are blinded by the differences are unable to recount his heroic deeds”.


The Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army, however wants to seize this special opportunity to, first; renew it’s ever-lasting call to all the SLM/A factions to reunite under the umbrella of the Movement “ come on men………the cause is greater than us all” therefore; any committed comrade who has the stomach to march under our leadership through hell and out to the other side, until the full rights of the people brought with dignity are highly welcome and will be received among his colleagues with open arms and hearts, second; to reiterate it’s long-standing demand for nothing less than bring the full rights of the people.



Nimer Mohamed Abdelrahman.

The military spokesman of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army.


20/ 10/2008.         

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