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South Sudan Egyptians relations / John Lawrence Morbe Joseph
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Sep 25, 2007 - 8:33:20 AM

                  South Sudan Egyptians relations
Egypt has have succeeded in overcoming the evil that would have liked to integrated its relations to south Sudan.
On 17th, September, 2007 south Sudanese students of different ages, and tribes have arrived Cairo by air on educational purpose.
Egypt as a benevolent country has had welcomed its own fraternity southern Sudanese to come to join its Universities in academic year 2007-2008.
This gift which offered by President Mubarak's regim is the real beneficial to both south Sudanese and Egyptians relationships; for it will keep the relations between the two peoples, Sudanese and Egyptians as one united nation.
Anyway Sudanese-Egyptians relationship is not something out of nowhere came into Egyptians motives or got created by chance, but a natural significant feelings exist on in both groups, Sudanese and Egyptians.
President Mubarak used to say that Sudanese and Egyptian are one people. Indeed they are so. All people of the nile valley say the samething complying with Mubarak's wisdom.
One might ask how these peoples, Egyptians and Sudanese used to overcome the tragedies that might cost them their relations! but the answer might be easiest to come up with.  It is President Mubarak's radiant wisdom that often looks forwards for what is realistice and reproductive for all Sudanese and Egyptians.
It says that one day the President Mubarak got asked by press what he, Mubarak would have had to do if southern Sudanese had decided to secession! but Mubarak answered them in just one paragraph that, Egypt has good relations to both south Sudan and North Sudan.which means that Husny Mubarak is a wise brilliant president capable of keeping affirmed on his foe during the time of tragedies and crisis for keeping both nations, Sudanese and Egyptians as one integrated nation.
Mubarak's words have just become true when students from south Sudan arrived Cairo joyfully hoping the best educational life in Egypt.  
Both Egyptians and Sudanese believes that they are people of one nile valley and that they could live together forever and ever!
Now no evil of racism, venality sbmissive attitude, or any aberration could create any gap between the Egyptian system and the government of South Sudan.
May the almighty God bless the president Mubarak; gives him thanks and a peace of a mind.
                                 John Lawrence Morbe Joseph

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