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South Sudan Democratic Forum in Canada informs the Goss to be mindful and permits the equality to any one (from South Sudan).By Ker Biel Ruey
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Apr 1, 2008 - 8:46:47 AM

South Sudan Democratic Forum in Canada informs the Goss to be mindful and permits the equality to any one (from South Sudan ).


By Ker Biel Ruey


It comes to our action that the GOSS doesnít care of people and distinguishes the citizens of South Sudan societies. We are regretted on that decision; it is not precisely to the latest community development, which tries barely to maintain the capability to follow the evenhandedness. It requires to be respected on the main principles of Government of South Sudan.                                                                  

There are many things happening erroneously between the people of GOSS and the people who are just attempt to make positive vision to the public. It is absolutely misguiding, any one has right to go direct to job that he/she likes to apply to. But it is hardly to them to become comfortable as authentic citizens, because the misleading goes beyond objectives of people of South Sudan communities. We are strongly to advise that, because we need South Sudan to be considered as democratic society which builds and changes the severe of suffering people who have been exhausted some part of their lives in different conditions. There is no way again to growth the unfairness in this society; it desires just to move together without being taught by making a distinction.

Our vision is going straight to certain approach of human dignity; we are not supporting the discrimination to people of South Sudan . We are also standing up strongly to be able to demonstrate immoral dissimilarity, we will cheerfully to bring the equivalent opportunities to our people. Our party, South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) supports the integration and refuses the segregation, because we have been looking for impartiality for so long. The reason that we have speculated this offer is the idea of unity, to clean up some weaknesses that happening day by day. We are recommending that before the SPLM will go to court, on behalf of this circumstance, let the people have chances because later on they will mechanically recognizing it and they will become more angrily with that.

We need GOSS to become widely enough to work together with others who have no relatives in the government. Because we are one nation and one culture, South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) is not willingly to do that preferential treatment.

In our judgment, there is some thing behind of Government of South Sudan responsibility; we need GOSS to drop it, out in its rolling. It is not extensive to our people, and others parties who are looking for changes.

We also know that, the government of South Sudan uses to ignore most ideas, which is not logical to its leadership in this Comprehension Peace Agreement (CPA). South Sudan is not for some one who has neither relatives nor people who are in high positions, however, is for some one that works cooperatively with others. According to our understanding on behalf of this situation, because it happens many times and many locations in South Sudan . Those places including Juba , Malakal, Junglei, Bentiu and Rembek, have victimized by GOSS. If, the government knows that, it is not smartly enough way to our people; what will be the change? We donít really have significance to support that, because we would have no change, the disregard is only obsession that subjected by GOSS.


In term of working together is not what some one just says, it is a believing and respecting of unrestricted to place the pact to the reality. We donít see any thing rather than isolation in South Sudan , lot of mistakes taking place between the government and the people of South. It is because the government doesnít ensure the people, for what they might follow as traditional governance and its nation. Then our pressure specifies that to be put this and respect it, as human perspectives from central government. This abuse can be count dependably on the steps that bring calculation and observation as it is in our action.

If, the government will not work on that, the change and happy life can not be accessible among the people of South Sudan . In pact, the people of South Sudan need to work together, their problems come from the government because the people who are working in the parliament or wherever are not worrying about how the rest can get the chances. They just intend on themselves while any one is belonging to government and the government is belonging to them, too. Nothing can be spiteful such as racism, discrimination and disrespected to people of the society. It is a time to forget such of considerations like important person, there is no different, people are equal according to the principles of human mentality.

As we have stated in above article that the things go wrongly, it is a true, because the government doesnít care of peopleĎs choices or point of view. If there is understanding between the government and the people, nothing should become target to our society.

In the widely society there is no threat or being humiliation, the government always is working firmly without ambiguity in its duty and the people. We are here focusing for cooperation and long term relationship for the people of South Sudan . It is too sadness for us when we are listening the wrong message that has been put by GOSS because south has been experienced for long period of time in wars and starvations. There is no needing to allow criticism to the people; they are ready to calm down the difficulties and transform them to a better way

As result of it, we have put this mistreatment in our action struggling that no more intolerance. The people of south Sudan have to work very united, without given the wrong impression to them, because they need right of citizens. The government has to be aware for that controversial, because people are not happy, which shows South Sudan Democratic Forum in Canada that there is no change at all, to people of South Sudan . Our argument as South Sudan Democratic Forum in Canada ; we are actually very concerning to this issue. Because we need every one in South to has a possibility to organize and build up the country to become more active.


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South Sudan Democratic Forum in Canada

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